Natural Shades are the Natural Choice

I love Bali’s natural shades. I talk about them all the time on my blog, because they are my favorites. From a design standpoint the natural shades are gorgeous and provide a lot of texture for a room. Texture is a very important element of design especially for a neutral room. If you have a […]

The Dream Room Dream Team Kick Off

Today, I’m so excited to be kicking off what will be the first of a four-part series, documenting three amazing families and their participation in Dream Room Dream Team makeovers! Wait—back up. What’s this all about? Have you ever walked into a room and it just felt right? There are a lot of elements that need to […]

Choosing the Right Shade for You and Your Environment

When it’s time to shop for the window treatments in your home, you may wonder, Where do I start? It can be an overwhelming process at the beginning, and we’ve even made missteps of our own over the years. It wasn’t until we were in our home for more than a year that we began to […]

Roller Shades for Your Home

Roller shades are such a great way to control light and privacy in a room with a classic, clean look. There are four types of light filtering fabrics available, from least to most translucent. BLACKOUT Blackout shades are the most opaque and best for a bedroom. Blackout shades don’t allow any light through the fabric. […]

When Should You Use Exterior Shades?

The front porch on our home faces west, and most evenings, we prefer to enjoy this outdoor room as a way to wind down from the day. The problem? Before the sun has set behind the surrounding buildings, we’re quite literally blinded by the light. Not only can it get too warm to relax on […]

Create a Welcoming Guest Room

With the summer season upon us, we find ourselves hosting guests more often than at any other time of year. We encourage our friends and family to visit us in Chicago year round, but this city truly shines during the warmer months. As a result, it’s during this time that we’re constantly prepping the guest room for […]

Outdoor Shades for Your Porch

We love our porch and spend as much time there in the summer as possible. With a daybed, we can entertain and use it as a sofa, or on a lazy afternoon, take a nap. Photo credit: Cedar Hill Farmhouse It’s all about lingering and relaxing at our farm. Rocking chairs and hammocks are set […]

The New Photo & Video Gallery

Hello! So excited for my first post on the beautiful new Bali Blinds website. Have you peeked around yet? There are so many great new features to help you find just the right window treatments, and educate you on their care. I’m a visual person, so my favorite new feature is the updated photo and […]