Planning & Measuring for New Window Treatments

Previously I shared that we are getting our house ready for vacation rentals here. As you can see below, we finally moved some furniture into the house, but the windows look a bit bare. It’s hard to tell, but the room currently has mini blinds in it. When the blinds are pulled up to the […]


Lessons In Landscaping (Let’s Learn Together!)

I’m going to start by saying that until recently, Scott and I haven’t had a reason to landscape the outdoor spaces surrounding our home. Having lived in Chicago for close to 10 years, we’ve been the happy renters of a third floor walk-up, and then the owners of a second floor walk-up. Both buildings have had nothing more than […]


The Case for Motorized Shades

You might have seen that we recently installed motorized Bali Tailored Roman Shades as a part of our bedroom makeover. Now that they’re in, we love them! They’re just what we had in mind, and the clean texture adds a fresh simplicity to that entire side of the room. They’re a no-fuss, no-muss kind of window treatment, and […]

natural shades

Staying Cool this Summer with Bali Natural Shades

Just in the nick of time—that’s what I keep telling myself! You see … here in Arizona we are show-offs. We tend to skip spring all together. It’s not a form of showing off that I appreciate, but it happens! We already are enduring consistent 90-degree days—that started in February. See that little window above? It’s […]

diy toolbox

What’s in My DIY Tool Bag?

I come from a handy family and have been a DIYer for as long as I can remember. I rearranged my room and sewed my own clothes as early as age 10. As I got older, I was the only girl in my dorm who would ever consider removing the standard dorm room overhead light and […]


5 Tips to Create Your Perfect Mudroom

Want to know a trend that makes me so excited? Mudrooms. Drop zones. Whatever you want to call them, they are genius. Older homes usually don’t have one, but that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t build one yourself. Today, I rounded up some great organizational tips for creating the mudroom of your dreams. I gathered […]


Style Hacks: Discount Décor for the Everyday DIYer

I think some people hear the phrase “DIY project” and assume it’s going to be complicated, intimidating, and only for the power-tool proficient. But that’s just not so! Many of my favorite DIY projects are simply easy ways to elevate store-bought products to make them look way more expensive. The average person can totally handle […]


Give Your Shades the Spring Clean Treatment

It wasn’t that long ago that I was just talking about our winter care routine around the house, but over the weekend we took a long walk around our neighborhood without jackets. It’s downright smile inducing when that first lukewarm breeze hits your skin! Whether it was the air or the rejuvenating walk, Scott and I talked the whole […]


Style Tips for Your Mudroom and Laundry Room

Mudrooms and laundry rooms are, by definition, utilitarian rooms. When I was growing up, I didn’t know anyone who had a laundry room or a mudroom. The washer and dryer were in your basement or your garage. No matter where it was, the room was almost always unfinished without sheetrock. Nobody made these spaces nice, livable, […]