Media Room Dual Shade

5 Tips to Create Your Media Room

I’ve never had a house big enough for a dedicated media room, but it’s definitely on my wish list for someday. I like the idea of keeping the TV out of the living room, and having a separate space for movie nights and big events like the big football game coming up this weekend. Whether […]

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Color Inspiration for Your Home: Lilac Gray

Pantone recently released the 2016 Color of the Year, and for the first time it’s not one, but two shades! Serenity and Rose Quartz are both gorgeous, but I want to highlight another Pantone color that falls right in between—Lilac Gray. It’s predicted to be one of the top colors this spring, and it’s definitely one […]


Let the Window Planning Begin!

Scott and I have been hard at work renovating our almost 130-year-old house for well over two years at this point—and I mean hard. Weekends and weeknights are dedicated to most things home, including everything from painting walls and tiling floors to refinishing our favorite vintage finds (to name just a few!). To this point, we’ve spent the majority of […]


5 Decorating Resolutions for the New Year

Happy 2016! I love the fresh start of a new year, and I always enjoy the ritual of New Year’s resolutions—reflecting on the past year, and setting goals for the one ahead. That said, despite the best of intentions, resolutions often fall to the wayside within just a few months. So this year, I decided […]


Versatile Shutters for Modern & Classic Styles

Source I really love a good shuttered window. I don’t know what it is—maybe my time spent in the South with all that Georgian architecture, or possibly my love of classic European windows that use shutters as the only “screens” keeping you from the bustling sounds of the streets below. Regardless, I just love shutters. In […]


Pros and Cons of Shutters and Natural Shades

Shutters or natural shades? That is a question with which I have struggled, so I suspect I’m not alone. So what do you do when you like both? Well, I like to look at the pros and cons of each to help me decide which is best for the specific situation. First, let’s talk about shutters. Via […]

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2016 Refresh: Layering with Drapes

You know that phrase everyone says—”Out with the old, in with the new”? Well, what if you didn’t completely throw out the old, but instead simply added some new?! With the new year here, I am all about freshening up a space—giving it new life and a new look. One great way to do that […]


5 Exciting Design Trends for 2016

Each year brings its share of trends, style, and color, carrying over some of what we loved from the previous year and ushering in new ideas to push us forward and keep us on our toes. Some of the big trends this year excite my old soul and intrigue my young heart. Here are my five favorite trends […]


Here’s a Bright Idea: Natural Shades

As we are all starting a fresh new year, it’s only natural to want a crisp, bright start with everything, including our homes and home décor, right?! There is nothing better than making a small, physical change to a room that leads to a dramatic difference. One way you can drastically change the look and feel […]