4 Ways to Fall for White Pumpkins

When people typically think of fall decorations, most tend to envision all things orange pumpkin. After all, the typical pumpkin you see is orange, but that doesn’t mean that’s all you can or should use. There is something truly beautiful and peaceful about a neutral color palette, too. When you switch orange pumpkins for white ones, you immediately make the scene more serene. Also, you can add in more light-and-airy décor, or throw in something with a pop of color.

Here are some beautiful ideas for white pumpkins:

1. Try using different sizes to create a beautiful, yet natural centerpiece for your dining table.


2. You can also hollow out a white pumpkin and use it as a vase. I love this idea way more than a basic vase, of course!

DIY Pumpkin Vase

3. In addition, writing shows up easily on white pumpkins, so take advantage of that. And what if you have have ugly handwriting like I do? Grab a stencil and make your pumpkins look beautiful!

Handmade Holiday Goodies from LHCalligraphy
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas from Just Destiny Mag

4. And, after all, a final way is by simply incorporating white pumpkins everywhere. Stack them as a centerpiece, create a banner with mini pumpkins, and scatter them throughout the house however you can.


If you’ve always been more of an orange pumpkin person, think about switching it up this year! Think more neutrals, airy and soft colors, and even incorporate a  rustic look. Need help with some inspiration? Head over to Pinterest!

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