5 Tips to Make Cleaning Less of a Chore

Do you enjoy cleaning your home? Is that an odd question? We’ve talked about how we keep the window treatments in our home in top shape, and I’ll also fully admit that I have always loved a good cleaning session. The instant gratification you get from making the bed or wiping down the kitchen counter after all the dishes have been washed is so satisfying. Let me put it this way: after a long day of work, a quick clean-up is an easy way to feel a sense of accomplishment. That said, no matter how you cut it, it’s still a chore! Although I like to clean as I go—whether that’s hosting a party or a simple dinner night in with Scott—here are the practices we’ve implemented into our cleaning routine that help to stake the sting out of the idea of spending your evenings over a sudsy bucket! (Okay, that might not be the best picture to paint to get you hyped on cleaning, but hear me out.)


1. First and foremost, I load up my phone with a high-energy playlist, I listen to a podcast, or I call a friend! Keeping my mind busy to the tune of Taylor Swift (while singing at the top of my lungs) always makes loading the washing machine much more enjoyable.

2. Scott and I do our best to target different rooms throughout the work week. For example, we’ll clean both of our bathrooms on Tuesdays and vacuum the stairs every Monday and Wednesday. More time-consuming tasks, such as laundry, are spaced throughout the course of the week. These bite-sized chunks feel more manageable; by Friday night, our goal is to have a clean home for the weekend!


3. I’ll take 15 minutes to brush our cat, Libby, while Scott gives our dogs, Jack and Chunk, a bath. What does this have to do with household chores? Well, for one, it cuts down on the furry tumbleweeds that blow through our home, but it certainly helps to keep the air smelling fresh, too. Every pet is different, but when we stick to a monthly routine, we notice a difference in the overall hairy situation in this house.


4. Also part of our monthly routine: using all those fancy vacuum attachments to catch dust under our bed, couch, and any leggy furniture. Maintenance is key to making the quick clean-ups, well, quick.


5. We keep cleaning supplies in cabinets throughout our home. The last thing you want to do is walk downstairs for cleaning spray when you’re tidying up the second-floor bathroom. Silly, but true! A cleaning caddy filled with cloths, spray, and a scrub brush on each floor make touch-ups a breeze.

Finally, reward yourself! Pour yourself a drink or order dessert with dinner. Why not? And if you’re looking for more tips and tricks inside your home, make sure to check out Bali Blinds on Pinterest!

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