5 Easy Ways to Create Your Master Bedroom Retreat


We lived in our current home for almost three years before we gave a second thought to turning our master bedroom into a retreat. In our case, there were a few not-so-ordinary reasons why (our home renovation has been the largest undertaking of our lives to date!), but we find that a lot of our friends, family, and readers also wait too long to spruce up their bedrooms. It’s funny, isn’t it? After long days of working and playing hard, laying down in a room that feels like a respite shouldn’t be a luxury.

From simple organization to a vase of fresh flowers by the bed (even once a month!), there are plenty of ways to treat yourself inexpensively. Here’s a round-up of five easy things you can do in a weekend to make your bedroom more appealing.

1.Use baskets, trays, and containers for everything. When something has a place, it’s much more likely to find its way back there, keeping messes off your floors and your mind. A decorative dish for jewelry, a wicker basket for overflow pillows and blankets, or a stand for your stack of magazines. Of course, the same could be said for inside your closet, too! A dedicated tray for ties or drawer dividers to keep your tees separate from your socks can make all the difference.


2. For overflow storage, use the space under your bed. If this seems like an obvious one, it’s because it is! Although we recently overhauled our closets, we still had more shoes (and for me, purses) than would fit in our allotted behind-the-doors space. A couple of shallow, wide, clear containers keep those items in check, rather than strewn around the room. Even better, it cuts down on the typical clutter that accumulates by the front door.

3. Never underestimate the power of wall-mounted storage. Our bedroom is on the smaller side, but we’re big fans of maximizing every square inch. Our bed and closet take up the majority of the space, so we needed a solution for a small vanity where I could stash perfume, jewelry, and makeup. The slimmer, the better! Think outside the box and consider wall-mounted entryway solutions, which are typically smaller than items marketed for the bedroom.


4. While you’re at it, hang your favorite photos on the wall, too. Visual chaos is real! By hanging your favorite family photos or art on the wall instead of displaying them on furniture, you’re allowing space for books or charging your phone. Plus, displaying your favorite memories will be sure to make you smile as you cozy under the covers each evening.


5. Always think about lighting. Always! I’m a big fan of multiple lighting sources in one room, especially in the bedroom. Table lamps, bedside sconces, and accent lighting will help you unwind much quicker than a lone overhead fixture. If you already have lamps you love, swap out the bulbs for a lower wattage, and, if possible, consider lighting options that dim. Bulb temperature is just as important, so be sure to pick up lighting in the “soft white” family for that warm glow.


We implemented all of these changes in our bedroom over the last few months, and they have completely changed the way we respond to the room! As always, you can find more inspiration through Bali Blinds on Pinterest, or get organized with Bali’s favorite pins right here!

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