5 ways to create an airy space

Bright, clean, light-filled rooms are everywhere, it seems. Gracing the pages of the glossy magazines we read and all over our online inspiration sites. Creating a light and airy space seems difficult when your room isn’t starting out as light-filled as you would like, but with a few quick and easy steps, it can be a reality.

1. Think about low furniture.

If you’re just moving into a space that seems a little dark or has a choppy flow, reducing the airiness, think about decorating with lower furniture. This creates a lower line of sight, tricking you into thinking that the ceilings are taller and there is more open and airy space in the room.

low sofa airy feel

low sofa and coffee table

2. Paint the floors white.

This is something we see in so many European homes and it creates an instant feeling of openness in a home. If you have old or beat-up floors, this might be an easier leap for you.  If painting your floors is out of the question, consider light-colored carpet or a light-colored rug to lighten up the room, starting from the ground up!

white painted floors airy space

white floors 2

3. Use pieces that are see-through.

Forget the bulky, dark pieces that block light. Using clear, glass, or even wired pieces allows light to travel through your furniture and gives the entire space a look of openness.

acrylic accessories

see-through furniture

4. Cover windows with sheer or light-allowing blinds and drapes.

Light-colored shades and drapes that allow plenty of light will keep a room looking large and airy. Consider hanging drapes from ceiling height to give your windows and ceilings the look of soaring heights.

faux wood blinds airy space

wood blinds and shutters

  1. Decorate with large mirrors.

Most people with small or dark spaces shy away from large pieces, but large mirrors can both exaggerate the height of the room and bounce light around, causing the room to look larger and more light-filled. To avoid looking like a beach condo from the 1980s, trim your mirror in a bold frame and surround it with similarly styled art and accessories.

big mirror

big gold mirror

There are loads of things you can do to counteract a dark or small space, but starting with these few tips, you can ensure that light will find its way in and make a permanent home in your home.

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  1. I really love the shutters in the various shades of white. My son and I recently moved into a home after 3 terrible years and I am trying desperately to make it happy and cheerful. These window coverings would help a lot.

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