5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Regardless of how much actual space we have in our homes, everyone loves to feel like they have more room. It isn’t difficult to create the illusion of a bigger home. There are a few tips and tricks that make a bigger home (or the feeling of one!) easy to achieve.

In my old home, we have a lot of square footage, but the rooms are small and closed off from one another, which feels closed in at times. Here are a few ways I make my home feel larger and airier, even in the tiniest rooms (like my kitchen!)


(source: Earnest Home co)

Use Every Nook

When working with a smaller amount of space, like my kitchen (pictured above), I use every inch of space. The cabinets in our kitchen used to stop about 14 inches short of the ceiling, creating the feeling of a cramped and low ceiling. By building the cabinets up, we used all that dead space and we created the feeling of higher ceilings by extending the storage up. Plus, all that extra storage was great for hiding my extra kitchen items, creating the illusion of more space in the rest of the kitchen.

There are so many rooms with a lot of unused space. Using it wisely gives clutter a home, which also helps make a space look more open.


(source: Earnest Home co)

Get Organized

Once you’ve used all your nooks, you must get organized! A really great way to create space for items is to store them as decorations.  I use open shelving in several rooms to store everything from platters to books and magazines. The trick to making it look spacious is to keep everything very organized. Household goods don’t look like clutter when they’re purposefully arranged. I created a styled look to my dining room shelving and also have a place for all of my extra stuff! If all of those platters were piled haphazardly, the shelving would look cluttered and the room would appear smaller and closed in.

Keeping an organized home can be daunting, but the pay off is worth the work. By paring down possessions and keeping them in order, you make room for lightness and space.


(source: Earnest Home co)

Hang ‘Em High

A sure way to make any room feel larger is by hanging window treatments high. This gives the illusion of higher ceilings and makes an impression! Hang shades at the very top of the window molding. Drapes can hang about 6 inches above the window molding, extending to the floor. This makes every window seem like it extends far higher and lower than it actually does. Hanging the window treatments higher creates a big, grand feeling.

Keep it Clean

Clean rooms always feels larger. I don’t necessarily mean clean in the sense of dirty or clean—I mean a lack of clutter. Extraneous stuff sitting against every wall makes rooms seem smaller. Walls appear as if they’re closing in on you when they’re lined with things. Make sure everything in the room has a purpose.

The design style of the room can be clean as well. Although the floors and walls in my entryway are dark, the trim in my entryway is very white. The strong presence of streamlined white makes the space seem clean and bright even with darker accents.


(source: Earnest Home co)

Bring it to the Center

All to often, people push furniture to the edges of a room, trying to make more space in the center. This creates the opposite of the intended effect. Lining the walls with furniture makes the edges of the room appear to close in. You’ll make the room feel larger by using the center of the room, creating a focal point in the center. Pull furniture off the walls and float it in your space. Both of these tricks make a room feel larger. Even though my entry is small, a round table right in the center gives the illusion of a grander, larger space. In a bedroom, let the bed jut out into the center of the room instead stuffing it into a corner. In the living room, inch your sofa and chairs just six inches or so off the wall, gathering them around a central coffee table.

These tips all seem like small things, but can yield big results. An organized space for everything and clutter kept off the outside edges of your space will make your home feel so much larger.


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