A Charismatic Christmas to You

I was sending a text yesterday a friend about Christmas, and kept encountering autocorrect. Isn’t it frustrating? But my phone, amusingly, anticipated that I was writing “charisma” instead of “Christmas.” Merry Charisma! It does have a certain ring, doesn’t it? (I wonder what it’ll think of “Happy New Year.”)

But, all joking aside, I suddenly considered the scramble of seasonal preparations, including our desire to make everything perfect in our homes. Chasing our own ideals, sometimes it’s easy to lose charisma for Christmas in the process.

However, we’re at the finish line. It’s Christmas morning. Maybe you’ve grabbed some coffee and have a full day of cooking ahead of you. Maybe you’re chilling with doughnuts. Our celebrations this holiday season likely look very different from household to household, however, we are united in the wish for calm, collective peace on Christmas morning. That’s why, with all sincerity of the season, I am wishing you health, wellness, and peace this Christmas—and just enough leftover charisma to have a pleasant holiday.

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