About Bali

Bali, a brand of Springs Window Fashions, is committed to quality products, world-class customer service, and tools to help you discover your unique window treatment style.

Industry Leader for Do-It-Yourselfers

At baliblinds.com you’ll find cellular, natural, pleated, roller, Roman, and solar shades; wood and faux wood blinds; shutters, top treatments, drapery, and window treatment accessories.

Our Best Experience Philosophy

We aim to provide every person who touches our brand with the Best Experience. The engineer who designs a product, the worker who makes it, the dealer or retailer who sells it, the person who incorporates it into their home—we treat each person with the same respect and care and constantly strive to earn their trust and loyalty.

Our Green Pledge

At Springs Window Fashions social responsibility is a fundamental element of our corporate culture. Part of that responsibility is working toward a greener future. Our ongoing goal is to minimize the company’s environmental impact by using recycled or renewable materials, reducing energy use, increasing water efficiency, and improving indoor air quality.

4 thoughts on “About Bali

  1. I just want to share a little brag for your product.

    We bought our house June 2013 and in the master bedroom there were Bali blinds. Yesterday, 18 Aug 2015, I took those blinds down to clean while the room is being remodeled. There is a date and PO# on them, they were made 12/13/05. OH My WOW, almost 10 years old and they still work wonderfully, no problems what so ever!! I am sold, on them. I wish I had these in the den but with 10 windows, not sure if my budget will allow it.
    I am not sure if they have faded because I really don’t know what color they are. They look to be a bluish gray? I know that they are the double cell blind, uncertain if they are the blackout kind, I am going to assume that they are because my bedroom is dark, dark, dark in the middle of the day.The color is the only problem I have with them, not a gray person in any shape or form. But with that being said, they will go back up because the blinds block the west side sun and our room is always the most comfortable temperature wise in our home.

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