Adding a punch of contrast in the dining room, with Roman shades!

When we last left off, Scott and I were debating the idea of a contrasting–and very bold!—shade for our dining room windows. You might remember that our dining room is one large space that connects to the main living area, which also leads to our tiny reading nook and kitchen. While Scott wasn’t completely on board at first, my thought was that a deep navy shade would tie into the adjoining room’s blue couch and Persian rug. After falling down the Internet rabbit hole to find inspirational photos of contrasting window shades against light walls, I finally got Scott to agree—with a good dose of I’m going to trust you on this one thrown in.

The verdict? We love them!

navy roman shades for the dining room

For the longest time, our dining room was mostly bare; we just didn’t put much thought into the space. We had been busy DIY-ing our way around our home, tearing out kitchen cabinets and daydreaming about garage organization. It was a blank slate in the truest sense of the word–pale gray walls, white trim, and a simple table and chairs:

roman shades for the dining room

That is, until these shades changed everything! While I had initially been leaning towards Rainy Afternoon from the Dover collection (a medium blue), Scott surprisingly pushed hard for a tailored Roman shade in California from the Coastal collection. I’m honestly thrilled he was rooting for the bolder choice; that punchy color really paid off! We chose the classic roman styling in the cordless option, which really keeps everything streamlined and casual:

navy or blue roman shades add visual interest

You bet that the strong navy shades bring the dining room to life, especially since they’re stacked up against that couch and rug of ours. What we didn’t initially take into consideration, however, were the blue-green walls of our reading nook. Happily though, it’s as if the new navy-outfitted windows marry all the spaces together—in perfect harmony.

dining room inspiration with navy roman shades

dining room inspiration

This was our first time using tailored Roman shades from Bali Blinds. In the past, we’ve opted for these Roman shades. Both our reading nook and guest room got the roman treatment, and I will say there is a noticeable difference between the two styles. The folds of the tailored shades we chose lend a bit more of a laid back feel—a wonderful fit for our dining style.

colorful roman shades

Would it be so terrible to wish for a rainy afternoon so we can skip our outdoor to-do list duties for a day? I’m pulling for a lazy afternoon movie marathon, and I’m thinking that drawing these shades will help us accomplish just that!

Get Ready, Get Set, Create – with Bali! See how to order your own free swatches here.

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2 thoughts on “Adding a punch of contrast in the dining room, with Roman shades!

  1. I love you Scott and Kim – and this choice for shades was a excellent. And I’m also loving the cordless option. One niggle – please don’t leave them open so high. You’ve invested in a wonderful color that balances out the blues in the other room. By leaving the blinds open at the highest possible point you throw off the balance achieved by using such a bold color in the first place. They should be down to around the middle of the window for proper proportion. Then, you’ve nailed it.

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