Adding Attractive and Functional Drapery

Drapes or curtains can really give a room so much charm, but they are functional as well.

First, drapes add a visual warmth to a room. They soften it and give it coziness. Here’s an example. Let’s take a look at my dining room. This is what it looked like soon after we moved in. It doesn’t look bad. In fact, I like the look because you can see all of the trim around the windows.

But see how much more finished it looks when you add the blinds and curtains? It feels more rich and luxurious. It feels more inviting and warm. You can also use curtains to add color and pattern to a room. Curtains take up a lot of space in the room, so adding curtains with color can really impact the mood of a room in a big way. Want to add more visual interest? Then use patterned curtains for a big splash. When you install curtains with a striking pattern, they can really become a focal point for the room. For a bold statement, try using wallpaper and matching curtains.

Curtains definitely add visual appeal to a room, but they are also quite functional.


We live on a very busy street, so we need to be able to close the curtains or shades at night for privacy. I wouldn’t feel as comfortable if people could see in our home at night.


Curtains can help keep your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They can really help insulate your windows and limit drafts in the winter.


Curtains attract dust, so they can keep some of the dust from circulating in the room. Just be sure to shake them out occasionally and vacuum up all of the loose dust.


If you want to keep the light out at certain times, then curtains can really help you do that. Just be sure to get a blackout liner. Some liners are darker than others.


While curtains won’t totally soundproof a room, they do trap some sound waves, so they will help to keep your home sounds inside, and outdoor sounds outside. Think about a room with no fabric in it. There is usually a very strong echo, because the sound is bouncing off of all of the hard surfaces. Fabric dampens some of the sound.


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