New obsession: Bali Natural Shades

Master bedroom, Bali Blinds Natural Shades
Other than room service, what do you think is one of the nicest things about sleeping in a hotel room? My hubby and I love the darkness.. You see, the master bedroom in our house has three awesome windows that let in so much beautiful light. While I love nothing more than a bright and light room, I would rather not see that light at 5 a.m. during the summer! And that’s not even taking in to consideration just how hot the summer light makes our room. So, needless to say, we love sleeping in a cave of a hotel room, for sure! But now, no hotel needed— we finally have shades!

This—well, this is a thing of the past now:

bali master bedroom 2
We are totally obsessed with these Bali Natural Shades in Highpoint Meadow. They have the most perfect blend of natural brown tones, and help the room remain light and airy, while still keeping the light out with the room-darkening liners! Shades this neutral give you the freedom to add other pops of color in the room because the shades aren’t taking over the space. They also add an awesome element of texture to the room, which is especially nice when your room is painted white!

Bali Blinds Natural Shades, room darkening

One thing people ask us all the time is whether they need to hire a service to install blinds and shades. While some may be trickier to install, Bali makes it as easy as can be! We are able to fully install one set of shades in under 10 minutes! Friends didn’t believe us, so I created a little time-lapse video to show just how quick and easy the process is:

While the video shows 40 seconds of footage, it took roughly nine minutes to completely install it! I am pretty sure that my hubby and I would trade nine minutes of our time any day to feel like we are sleeping in a hotel room because of the fabulous darkness.

Master bedroom, Bali Blinds Natural Shades

Moral of the story? Don’t let the fear of installing shades hold you back from feeling like you are waking up in luxurious hotel room every morning! Now, who can bring me room service?

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