Introducing Bali Sheer & Layered Shades!

Ever dreamed of merging the best features of two things to get a superior result? This has hit-or-miss success in the real world—after all, we do have smartphones for calling, scheduling, ordering, messaging, navigating, and playing, but when was the last time you saw an animal hybrid that was not bizarre?

We are thankful that Bali® Layered Shades and Sheer Shades land in the win column! Stunning and superior, both combine brilliant features of other window treatments to create extraordinary shades with impressive, useful qualities.

Let’s take a closer look.

Sheer Shades

With a lighter-than-air look but sturdy, woven construction, sheer shades feature lightweight vanes that appear to float between two layers of UV-blocking fabric. With the shade down, you can still see out by tilting the vanes between the fabric just like you do with standard blinds.

This shade blocks UV rays (the enemy of floors, carpets, furniture, drapery, and anything that fades!) when it’s completely down, even when the vanes are tilted open. And if you crave a sleek, bare window look, you’re in luck—both Bali Sheer Shades and Layered Shades raise right up into the standard, included premium fabric-wrapped valance.

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Layered Shades

Sporting modern style with an uncluttered sensibility, layered shades feature bold stripes of sheer and solid fabric that glide past each other. By adjusting the shade an inch here or there, you get different sun and privacy levels throughout the day.

And Bali Layered Shades have the same superpowers of Bali Sheer Shades—they block UV rays to help keep your floors, rugs, furniture, and artwork the same vibrant colors you’ve always loved.

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See them in action!


They really are better than any zonkey or liger out there! Want to see them in your home? Visit your nearest retailer to browse the sample books and place your order.

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