2016 Home Trends Here to Stay

I spend a large part of my day browsing through home blogs, filing away my favorites to Pinterest and scribbling down notes for ideas I’d like to incorporate into our own space. Throughout 2016, I started to notice a huge shift toward the more casual home. In fact, my favorite images online oozed a more traditional style, […]

Trending: Your Kitchen Counter Space

At this same time last year, we were finishing our kitchen remodel (above). For close to 10 months (including the initial planning phase), our daily conversations revolved around all things kitchen, and, with several road bumps along the way, we were so thrilled when we could call the project complete! Over the course of the renovation, we […]

Playroom Window Treatment Inspiration

Well, it only took my hubby and I five months, but our kids playroom is 98% finished! The only thing left to do is put up some window treatments. While the room is a playroom, we still wanted the whole thing to have a great design. We wanted the room to be able to grow with the […]

4 Must-Have Living Room Updates

Outside of the kitchen, our living room is—hands down— where we spend the most time in our home. We gather there for everything: playing games, relaxing with a movie, snuggling up with a book—you name it! But sometimes a room just needs updating. I’m not talking a little change here or there; I’m talking a […]

The (Window) Fabrics In Our Home

As Scott and I continue renovating each of the rooms in our house—from the reading room to the dining room to the bedroom—at some point, we find ourselves debating fabric swatches when we’re considering window treatments. Our sweet spot for coverings has surprisingly been the ever-casual-but-cool Roman shade, as we now have four rooms where we’ve […]

Redesigning a Living Room with Natural Shades

(photo: Earnest Home) There is something wonderful about starting from a completely blank slate, isn’t there? This month, we had a few renovation issues which led further and further down a demolition rabbit hole, ending up with our living room stripped to the bare bones. Everything was already stripped down almost as far as it […]

Five Fashion Week Trends You Can Wear This Spring

Fashion week always kicks off style trends for the rest of the year. Other designers in fashion, home decor, print and pattern, and art tend to follow trends set early in the year at fashion week. As someone who spent a decade working in fashion design, I’m always so excited to see the new ways designers […]

Tailored Roman Shades: Completing the Bedroom Windows!

I feel like inviting everyone I know over to our home for a dinner party—in our bedroom. That’s not too strange, right? Our bedroom has come so far! Earlier this year, we shared where this room began. It was a former kitchen-turned-master, and one of the biggest changes came in the form of those three new windows. They […]

Gear Up for a Dining Room Redesign

Whenever I’m helping a client to redesign a room, or even when I’m starting a new project for myself, I always start in the same place—with an inspiration board. Sites like Pinterest and Houzz make it so easy to curate your own ideas in one space. And while rooms you love may seem disjointed, a […]