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Finding the focal points in your room

So what’s a focal point? It is an area of interest or emphasis. This is where your eye is drawn. Typically it is that place you see as you walk into a room, that immediately catches your attention. Hopefully the focal point is a lovely painting rather than a crack in the wall. Will visitors […]


Black fringe for drama and flair: Using curtains to revitalize your space

There are certain rooms in our home (and I assume most peoples’ homes) that inevitably get put on the back burner, design-wise. For us, this is the studio; the place where I write, paint, and create, day in and day out. That’s not to say it hasn’t come a long way since we moved in; […]


10 Cool and creative wall decorating ideas

Since I live in a rental where I can’t paint the walls, one of my favorite things to fantasize about is all the cool and creative ways I could paint the walls when we buy our own house. My favorite are accent walls that are fun and unique—with interesting designs that take them beyond just […]

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The transformative power of paint

We’ve all heard the old saying “time heals all wounds.” Now that saying has a corollary; “paint fixes all problems.” Maybe it’s an exaggeration, but there’s a lot of truth there. If a piece of furniture looks dated or out of style, often a coat of paint is all that is needed to make it […]

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5 Tips to a serene bedroom

First things first: your bedroom doesn’t have to be full of pastels and puffy pillows to be serene. The place where you feel most at home and comfortable is the place you’ll be most serene. These tips transcend specific design aesthetics and focus on the elements that make us feel at ease. Great Low Lighting […]

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The finishing touch in our office: Natural shades

Have you ever worked really hard on giving a room a makeover, only to realize in the end that a key element was missing? That’s what happened with our home office. While I personally don’t spend a ton of time in there, my husband does! He loved the room once we gave it a makeover, […]


Color crush: Deep teal

As the weather gets hot, we often gravitate towards lighter colors, like sky blue, lemon yellow, or pale peach. But pastels can be a little too airy and soft on their own—a room full of pastels tends to look like a nursery if it’s not balanced with something a little more rich. This gorgeous shade […]


Express yourself: Layering with window treatments

Purchasing one window covering can be a complex process in and of itself—why would anyone consider layering multiple products on each window? Well, it’s because layering window coverings has many benefits—like visual depth, interest, and dimension; as well as increased energy efficiency, privacy, and light control—and what you think might be a hassle of a […]


6 ideas on how to add farmhouse style

Farmhouse style is easy, comfortable, inviting, and low maintenance. The elements you need to create the style are readily available and usually not crazy expensive–no wonder it’s a hot trend right now. Because we have a real farmhouse, I have a special affinity for the style. There are lots of easy ways to add farmhouse […]