A Family Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples, but I try to make it fun for our entire family. I like to think of it as a day to make those I love feel special. I do think sometimes people who aren’t in relationships can feel left out, so it’s a great time to do something […]


How to Give Your Home a Fresh Look After the Holidays

The presents were opened, the Christmas tree is long gone, and the fruit cake is a hard rock. As you survey the room, you realize it looks … well … empty. So now what? I love the holidays, but I also love putting everything put away and starting with a fresh slate. But just because the […]


A Very Copper Christmas

While we often stick with reds, golds, silvers, greens, and whites at Christmas, this year things are getting mixed up! And for the better. More and more, people are mixing metals this holiday season—still using the classic tones of the season, but also incorporating copper! Copper is making a comeback; let’s check out some of the cutest […]


Try This: Unique Gift Wrap for the Holidays

Does your family have a designated Gift Wrapper? Growing up, I was in charge of wrapping gifts for our entire family: parents, grandparents, siblings, and even our pets! Although I’d flex my teenage attitude muscles and grumble at the time, I secretly loved it. My mom supplied me with a handful of papers and bows, and […]


Color Washing 101: Bring New Life to Wood

So you want to add some color to a piece of wood or furniture, but you still want the grain to show? How about using a color wash? A color wash is a thinned-down, translucent version of paint. First, it’s important to make sure the piece will take paint properly. A chalk-based paint will stick […]


Personalized Wood Slice Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but it’s not too late to create a tablescape that will make your day extra special.  One of my favorite ways to kick any place setting up a notch, is by adding customized place cards and/or napkin rings.  For this project, I was able to combine both of those […]

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5 DIY Thankful Crafts for Thanksgiving

Carved turkeys, mashed potatoes, warm scarves, and fall leaves. These are all amazing things that go along with Thanksgiving, but none of them are as important and the real meaning of Thanksgiving:to be thankful. It’s a time to slow down and reflect on all the amazing things in our life. And while this time of […]

The DIY Guide to Cleaning Your Vintage Rug

You can’t miss the vintage rug trend circulating in all your favorite blogs and magazines, and for good reason. With updated furniture and decor, these antique collectibles make a stunning backdrop to any style; from their unique patterns to vibrant colors, they’re truly a statement piece (and no longer just your grandma’s rug!). Most of […]

Six ways to use pumpkins on your Thanksgiving table

With Thanksgiving coming up so soon, I wanted to show you some ways to use those real pumpkins you might have left over from Halloween! While fake pumpkins have some benefits, there is just something so much more special and appealing about real pumpkins. Between regular-sized pumpkins, huge pumpkins, small ones, and, my personal fave—fairytale […]