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Refresh your home for spring

By now it seems like everyone is so over winter. The overcast skies, the cold, snow, and sleet may say “Merry Christmas” in December, but by February, the dreary days just say “stay inside.” So it is with a happy heart that I decorate for spring this time of year. In this room added a […]


The case for decluttering your home

I admit it. I really don’t like too much stuff sitting out. The weird part is that I love to collect. Ironic, don’t you think? So how do you strike a balance between the two? I suppose one option would be to keep a large storage unit with lots of boxes, but that sounds tedious […]


Simple ways to update your home for spring

It’s finally starting to feel like spring in Seattle! And I am so ready for it. Winter is my least favorite season—not just the cold and the rain, it’s the darkness…I hate it. So I’m always eager for spring—flowers blooming, brighter colors, and more light (hallelujah!). In that spirit, I love updating my home a […]

best vintage items to buy

The best vintage items to collect for your home

We hear a lot about decorating our homes with vintage items, but sometimes the term “vintage” leaves more questions than answers. Which ones are the best to buy? Which are a good value, and not overpriced? Where do you find them? Collect something meaningful There are thousands of vintage items you could potentially include in […]


How to add character to a cookie-cutter space

Transforming the look of your home doesn’t have to be expensive. I’m all about home décor hacks and tricks that can help cut costs. I’ve done a few makeovers where the homeowners loved ideas that were way over budget, but lucky for them, I discovered a few ways to achieve the look they wanted without […]

valance returns wood blinds

4 simple steps on how to order valance returns for wood blinds

It’s important to visualize how your blinds will be mounted before they are installed. How is this related to valance returns? Well, which style you choose will not only have a visual impact on your room, but also on the size of the valance returns you need to order to properly finish off your look. […]

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5 easy tips to simplify your home in 2015

If you’ve been looking around the web these past couple months, you already know that 2015 is the year of simplification. Lots of people are looking to minimalize and declutter this year, and I am no different. I already know that I keep stuff for reasons that I can’t explain. Notebooks, mugs, travel toiletries, and […]

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Decorating for a growing boy’s bedroom. Hint: It involves new Roman shades!

Have you ever had a room in your home that was done to perfection? Every detail thought out and executed well? That was our son’s nursery. It was carefully planned for months, and I loved the room the second we started on it. And then something crazy happened…he got older! (Go figure, a baby that […]

what to look for when buying vintage

Know what to look for when buying vintage

We recently purchased a Mid-Century dresser from one of our favorite secondhand stores, which we’ll be implementing into our overall kitchen design. Yes, the kitchen. You say dresser, we say kitchen island! After we strapped it to our car and brought it home, Scott pointed out that a large majority of the furniture in our […]