10 creative ways to use sheer curtains

I love sheer drapes. They’re light, breezy, and can add a touch of romance and decadence to any space. And there are lots of creative (and beautiful) ways to use sheer drapes—they’re not just for your windows! Here are ten of my favorite examples. Would you try any of these ideas? 1. To decorate a […]

bed 2

8 ideas for adding interest to the wall above your bed

If you’re like me, you’ve spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest collecting ideas for your home. When you start looking at beds and bedrooms, you realize rather quickly that there are endless possibilities for decorations above a bed. Sure, you can put a picture there and call it a day, but there are […]


Splendid DIY Wine Glass Shelf!

There are lots of creative solutions for wine bottle storage, but what about your wine glasses? Today I have a DIY Wine Glass Shelf tutorial for you that is not only functional, but looks pretty awesome too! Supplies Needed to Make Two Wine Glass Shelves: 1 Pine plank – 1x8x8 (this will make two 4-foot shelves) […]


Color crush: Pink & Gray

A couple weeks ago, I checked out the swatches from the refreshed line of Bali Cellular Shades, and I have to say, I’m impressed! These cellular shades, available in an array of new colors and styles, are the most energy efficient part of the Bali line. They’ll keep your house warm in winter and cool […]

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Taking the plunge with bold colors! Adding color to a room with window treatments

Have you ever wanted to go big and bold with something in your home, but you’re scared out of your mind to do so? That’s what was happening to us a few weeks ago when we were trying to decide on a window treatment for our living room. We wanted to be bold and go […]


The joy of outdoor entertaining

As the temperatures rise each spring, my thoughts turn to my back porch. The gentle breezes, a great meal, and a table surrounded by friends and family… that is about as perfect as it gets for me. My porch is where I long to be in warm weather. This is where we linger with friends, […]

living room

Bachelor pad redesign – The before

I have to admit, most of the time when friends approach me about helping them redesign their homes, I decline. But this friend, in this situation, was a different story. One of my very best friends bought his first home, and as a bachelor living alone, it was a big step. I wanted to do […]


5 Houseplants You Won’t Kill: Tales from a Black Thumb

Scott and I are always very optimistic when it comes to houseplants. We love how they not only inject color and instant oomph to a room, but they improve the air quality around you, too! For our current home, we were determined to fill every room with nothing short of a jungle, so we consulted lists of […]

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Welcome spring with this egg-cellent wreath!

I know many people think fall is the best time of the year, but you know what? Spring is at least a tie in my book. Bright and light colors, happy moods, and beautiful weather, and flowers! It is such a beautiful time of year that I wanted to make a spring wreath to celebrate […]