How to Turn Your Outdoor Room into a Livable Space

I love being outdoors. It just seems to be good for the soul, and recent studies say it’s good for your health, but did we really need a study for that? The fresh air, smell of fresh-cut grass, gentle warm breeze, and birds singing are just what the doctor ordered. If you have a porch or […]

Bali Total Window Solution

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Guest Bedroom Décor

We all have that guest bedroom in our homes that is totally neglected, except for when guests actually use it. It usually gets the “leftovers” of décor; random mishmash items that have no other spot in your home usually end up here. But what if you could literally transform that room in a weekend to […]


DIY a Window Screen From Scratch

Chicago houses and apartments are notoriously set up in the shotgun style—narrow, but long. A city lot is typically 25′ wide by 125′ deep, and our home is no exception! Our living room is barely 15′ wide (our entryway, stairs, and small bedrooms account for the remainder of the width), but one of the best things about […]


6 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

When everyone thinks of spring cleaning, they tend to only focus on the inside of their homes. Most don’t think of it as an opportunity to give their backyards a facelift. If your yard is anything like mine, it is chock full of junk. Kids’ sun-bleached toys strewn about, random empty pots that once held beautiful […]


Style Tips for Your Mudroom and Laundry Room

Mudrooms and laundry rooms are, by definition, utilitarian rooms. When I was growing up, I didn’t know anyone who had a laundry room or a mudroom. The washer and dryer were in your basement or your garage. No matter where it was, the room was almost always unfinished without sheetrock. Nobody made these spaces nice, livable, […]


Preparing a Rental Vacation Home

Have you ever dreamed of living some place different? We have been going to the mountains of North Carolina for vacation for 30 years. For a long time, we’ve talked about having our own place there when we retire. We planned to wait until we retire to buy a house, but decided that if we rented it out […]


Organized & Pretty: Spring Cleaning Idea Roundup

Springtime means blooming flowers, beautiful weather, and cleaning—lots of it, right?! I distinctly remember dreading spring when I was growing up because there was about a week when my mom made all of us kids help with spring cleaning. As a kid, you think it’s pure torture, but now I totally get it. Once a year—or […]


When to Jump on a Trend

The thing about fashion and interior design is that it’s always changing. Here’s the cycle: You start seeing a new look. You can’t decide if you like it yet. You wonder if it is a flash in the pan. You wait. It’s still around 18 months later. You decide this trend is for you. You replace […]


Stir Crazy? Plan Your Projects Now!

While Arizona is pretty beautiful right now, I realize we are the rarity. With most everyone spending so much time inside, I think it makes us a little stir crazy. But instead of focusing on that, let’s use the time inside to think of new projects! Hop on Pinterest (see my board here with Bali), check […]