The DIY Guide to Cleaning Your Vintage Rug

You can’t miss the vintage rug trend circulating in all your favorite blogs and magazines, and for good reason. With updated furniture and decor, these antique collectibles make a stunning backdrop to any style; from their unique patterns to vibrant colors, they’re truly a statement piece (and no longer just your grandma’s rug!). Most of […]

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Six ways to use pumpkins on your Thanksgiving table

With Thanksgiving coming up so soon, I wanted to show you some ways to use those real pumpkins you might have left over from Halloween! While fake pumpkins have some benefits, there is just something so much more special and appealing about real pumpkins. Between regular-sized pumpkins, huge pumpkins, small ones, and, my personal fave—fairytale […]


European style: Houses and windows edition

I’m the kind of person who notices houses everywhere I go. I love checking out cute houses in my neighborhood whenever I go for a walk, and I snap lots of pictures of houses and buildings when I’m on vacation. (Not just the famous ones either—random ones on the street that I find charming for […]


Create a Cozy Fall Movie Night

It’s always a little shock to the system in the fall when the nights start getting longer and darker and time you used to spend outside needs to be moved indoors. I begin to feel like there is nothing to do and feel a little closed in. It’s easy to feel like this, but I’ve […]


Beautiful and functional blinds for your home

I love seeing out my windows and I really didn’t want a heavy covering that makes the room feel dark and stuffy. As you can see, the light shines into the room and really gives it a cheery feeling. So I wanted to add something for privacy at night that matches my home’s style, but […]

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Day and night fall DIY decor

Hooray! Hip hip hooray! It’s almost November! No matter where you live, that means it is beautiful out. I love everything.single.thing about fall: the leaves changing, the temperatures dropping, the drinks and food, the excitement for the holidays to come. Fall, to me, is all about celebration. For us in Arizona, it’s a huge celebration […]


Decorating with Dishes

My love of dishes goes way back. When we were deciding which house to buy years ago, I was so taken with the wall of glass door cabinets in one house, that we bought it posthaste.  The rest of the house was stuck in 1978, but those cabinets spoke to me. I pictured them filled […]

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Top window treatment trends for fall

Each season trends emerge that define how we dress, decorate, and entertain. This fall, I’m excited about three trends not only for the remainder of this season, but past that because the prettiest styles are also the easiest to adopt for longer than just a few months. Source There has been a huge return to […]

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Farmhouse style & farmhouse French style

Farmhouse style and farmhouse French style are similar in so many ways, yet miles apart. So what’s the difference? What they have in common Both styles are under the farmhouse category, so by definition, simple things you would find in a farmhouse — old mixing bowls, ironstone, old ladders, enamel bowls, baskets, and crates— work […]