10 Cool and creative wall decorating ideas

Since I live in a rental where I can’t paint the walls, one of my favorite things to fantasize about is all the cool and creative ways I could paint the walls when we buy our own house. My favorite are accent walls that are fun and unique—with interesting designs that take them beyond just […]

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The perfect window covering cocktail

When it comes to making a statement in a room, pattern mixing is a wonderful way to drive your style point across. A favorite pattern can really shine when it’s put together with other complementary designs. A modern pattern might look too stark on its own, but paired with the texture of a natural blind […]

Banana Leaf Round Up

Banana leaf pattern: This classic interior design statement is ripe for a comeback

I don’t use the word “iconic” often, but when it comes to the classic Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper  known mostly by its use at the Beverly Hills Hotel, that is the word that comes to mind. Although the wallpaper was made famous back in the ’40s, it’s as alive and relevant today as it was […]