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8 ideas for adding interest to the wall above your bed

If you’re like me, you’ve spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest collecting ideas for your home. When you start looking at beds and bedrooms, you realize rather quickly that there are endless possibilities for decorations above a bed. Sure, you can put a picture there and call it a day, but there are […]


Splendid DIY Wine Glass Shelf!

There are lots of creative solutions for wine bottle storage, but what about your wine glasses? Today I have a DIY Wine Glass Shelf tutorial for you that is not only functional, but looks pretty awesome too! Supplies Needed to Make Two Wine Glass Shelves: 1 Pine plank – 1x8x8 (this will make two 4-foot shelves) […]


The joy of outdoor entertaining

As the temperatures rise each spring, my thoughts turn to my back porch. The gentle breezes, a great meal, and a table surrounded by friends and family… that is about as perfect as it gets for me. My porch is where I long to be in warm weather. This is where we linger with friends, […]


Decorate. Insulate. Save! With our NEW Bali Cellular and Pleated Collection

We’re excited to introduce our updated Bali Cellular and Pleated Shades program—complete with dozens of new fabrics, new prints, customizable headrail colors, and so much more! To celebrate, we’re giving away $2,500 in Bali Cellular and Pleated Shades! Check out the details (at the bottom of this post) on how to enter. Bali Cellular Shades are now available in […]


New curtains for the dining room!

I loved the gray curtains I had in my dining room, but decided I really wanted something brighter. The good news is that I was able to move the gray curtains into other rooms, so I didn’t feel bad getting new ones. Here is what I selected:  Bali Drapery from the Dover collection, in the […]


Simple and sweet DIY modern planter stand

I have a DIY project for you today that is perfect for spring! I’ve been loving potted houseplants, but I’m running out of tables to put them on. So I decided to make a plant stand! I’ve been eyeing Modernica’s Case Study Ceramic Cylinder with Wood Stand for a while, but the price is a […]


Usher in spring with these 5 easy tips

At this point, I feel like spring is definitely coming. If you had asked me a month ago, I couldn’t have promised anything, but now, I can feel it. If you’re in the Northeastern part of the country, you know exactly what I mean. Each year as winter starts to fade away and as spring […]


Celebrate spring—with a clean start! Here’s a simple guide on how to clean your window treatments

It’s spring! (Okay, the snow just melted here in the Midwest, but I have seen a robin or two, and the tulips are pushing their way through the mud in the backyard, so I’m going out on a limb to say sunny skies are on their way.) Time to put the winter clothes away, brush […]


DIY colander pendant light & trending kitchen window treatments

Have you ever been in a beautiful space that felt lifeless? Yeah, me too. I make it my design goal to bring each room to life and make sure it’s going to inspire the people living in it. It turns out, when you add a quirky, unique piece to a room, like this awesome DIY colander […]