how to measure blinds and shades

3 easy steps to measuring blinds and shades

We get a lot of questions about measuring for Bali products, because everyone wants a perfect fit. Follow these three simple steps and you should have no problem ordering just the right blinds and shades to fit the variety of windows in your home! Step #1. Choose how to mount your blind or shade Inside mount […]

3 suggestions for holiday windows

3 ways to decorate your windows for the holidays

Decorating for Christmas is my favorite thing to do all year. In addition to the tree, I like to sprinkle holiday elements throughout my house to really envelop myself in the spirit. Windows are a key place to focus, since the decorations can be seen from inside and outside. Double duty décor! Sources: Window Wreaths […]

diy snow globe with epson salt

Festive, fun, and easy – 3 simple Christmas decorations

Christmas is a time, it seems, when everyone goes to great expense to make their homes festive and welcoming. Except for me. I’m not a Grinch, I just don’t have unlimited time, and I suspect you don’t either. I like to do what I can to make my home beautiful and elegant for the holidays, […]

diy holiday wreath completed

A festive DIY holiday wreath

Scott and I have always kept things fairly simple when it comes to holiday décor. (Our never-changing, always nostalgic Christmas tree comes to mind!) Last year our home was wrapping up a hefty renovation, so not a lot of decorating got done. And this is only the second holiday season that we’ve had our own […]

stitched giftwrap idea

That’s a wrap! 8 creative gift wrap ideas

I’ve always loved gift wrap…although I’m not the best at the wrapping process itself. (Crisp corners and neat edges tend to elude me.) But what I lack in precision, I make up for in embellishments. It’s so fun to make the package itself a special part of gift-giving! And those creative extras don’t have to […]

cellular shades keep cold out

Tips for keeping the cold out!

When the cooler temps start to roll around, I get to thinking about all of the possible ways I can keep my house warm. Cranking up the heat and keeping a fire going seem like good bets, but since our century-old farmhouse has terribly drafty windows, keeping the heat in becomes just as important as […]

bedroom one

10 inspiring tips for styling a bed

The bedroom is a place of comfort, where you can recharge and get away from the stresses of life. It’s important that the room feel cozy and inviting; I like to think of it as a cocoon. A beautiful bed can relax your shoulders and make everything feel better. Styling a bed is all about […]

inside vs outside mount

Inside mount or outside mount: Which look is just right for you?

Beautiful windows come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our blinds and shades that dress them. With so many options. . . where do you start? Inside or Outside? Once you’ve found the best blinds or shades for you, your next step should be deciding how to mount them – whether to hang […]

diy acron garland on mantel

Deck the halls with this DIY acorn garland

Last month, I wrote a post all about fall colors, but to be honest, my own house has very few typical autumn colors in it. I’m a sucker for pink, teal, mint green, and lavender all year round. If you’re like me, it is possible to update your décor for fall and get into the […]

5 entertaining tips

5 top tips for entertaining this holiday season

Ah, the holidays! It’s the time of the year when the temps are down, but the visitors tend to be up! Aside from the actual holidays, this time of year always includes lots of other festivities as well. Sometimes it’s a planned party, and sometimes people just drop by! Whatever the scenario, here are my […]