valance returns wood blinds

4 simple steps on how to order valance returns for wood blinds

It’s important to visualize how your blinds will be mounted before they are installed. How is this related to valance returns? Well, which style you choose will not only have a visual impact on your room, but also on the size of the valance returns you need to order to properly finish off your look. […]

minimal living 3

5 easy tips to simplify your home in 2015

If you’ve been looking around the web these past couple months, you already know that 2015 is the year of simplification. Lots of people are looking to minimalize and declutter this year, and I am no different. I already know that I keep stuff for reasons that I can’t explain. Notebooks, mugs, travel toiletries, and […]

what to look for when buying vintage

Know what to look for when buying vintage

We recently purchased a Mid-Century dresser from one of our favorite secondhand stores, which we’ll be implementing into our overall kitchen design. Yes, the kitchen. You say dresser, we say kitchen island! After we strapped it to our car and brought it home, Scott pointed out that a large majority of the furniture in our […]


Recipe for a romantic Valentine’s Day

I don’t think you need a lot of Valentine’s Day décor to make the occasion perfect. It’s really about the people in your life that are special to you, and spending time with them. Still, it’s nice to just add a few touches to your home to make the day feel celebratory. I like to […]

great design books for every style

Great design books for every style

I love beautiful design books for those afternoons where a little mindless browsing through pages of inspiration is necessary. Aside from the style guidance they provide, I also love decorating with them. Although my style is pretty specific, cruising a wide variety of books has always been a great way for me to get new […]

fireplace styling ideas

5 Tips for styling your fireplace

Decorating the fireplace used to be a lot easier before flat panel TVs. It seems that almost all televisions go above the fireplace now, so that limits what you can put on the mantle. And now mantles seem to be even more narrow. So… what should you do? Even if your TV is hidden behind […]

door curtains 6

Design idea: Drapes for doors    

During the coldest days of January and February, it feels like the winds can cut right through my house. Recently, I was watching a movie and the character had a heavy velvet drape covering the front door, which got me to thinking about both the beauty and utility of a draped door—especially one with large […]

how to decorate with metallics

5 reasons to decorate with metallics

It’s no secret that I love anything metallic. I’m a copper and gold addict when it comes to decorating my house. To justify all the gold, I’ve actually developed five reasons why metallic finishes are necessary in my decor. I think that having some intention and purpose to my decorating has definitely helped the overall […]


A fresh perspective for your home’s kitchen

After more than a year-and-a-half of living in our house, Scott and I have thrown ourselves into our first big kitchen renovation—and we are learning so much along the way! While we know we want the overall aesthetic to feel clean and classic, we find ourselves getting stumped on the details. (This, honestly, is no […]