5 Easy Ways to Create Your Master Bedroom Retreat

We lived in our current home for almost three years before we gave a second thought to turning our master bedroom into a retreat. In our case, there were a few not-so-ordinary reasons why (our home renovation has been the largest undertaking of our lives to date!), but we find that a lot of our friends, […]


3 Tips for Decorating Large Living Rooms

The larger a room is, the harder it is to decorate. I think it’s because larger rooms have more moving parts. When you add something, you need to make sure it’s playing well with everything else in the room. So it stands to reason that a living room is going to be more difficult to decorate […]


How We Take the Stress Out of Hosting

With warmer weather and summer in full swing, we find ourselves attending a lot more barbecues and entertaining even more in our own home. One of the many things we love about Chicago in the summer is seeing our neighbors and friends out and about, and planning low-key meet-ups as we catch friends during walks with our dogs. […]


4 Easy Paint Techniques

Do you have a piece of furniture that you are thinking of tossing? Have you considered painting it? It’s amazing how you can transform something with paint and a little know-how. I have painted chairs, beds, chests, clocks, candlesticks, trays, baskets—you name it. Paint completely changes the look. Read on for a few techniques you can […]


6 Tips to Make Your Guests Feel Most Comfortable

I think it’s lovely to have a space for guests to relax in and feel welcome. I like to pretend I’m a guest at our house and experience the room through the eyes of a guest. I know some hosts stay in their guest rooms periodically to ensure they’re up to snuff. This is a wonderful […]


Creating a Functional and Inspiring Garage

Of all the places we’ve lived in Chicago, this is our first home that has a garage we can call our own. It was a huge selling point for us, as we’d finally have the space to stash our bicycles, power tools, and (also for the first time) gardening supplies! But as we began renovating the […]

Outdoor Living: Inspiring Summer Deck Decorating

Summer is quickly approaching… although it already 100% feels like summer here in Phoenix. Summer makes me think of all things sunny, outside, and fun. While everyone’s summers may look a little different, I think we all can agree that outside is where it’s at! Late nights with bonfires and s’mores, candlelight dinners, backyard movies—it […]


A Beginner’s Guide to a Headache-Free Paint Job

Do you feel frustrated when you hear the phrase, “It’s just paint!“ I do, even though I’m completely guilty of saying it myself. This is usually a phrase thrown around as Scott and I debate the merits of this blue versus that blue, this white versus that white. “It’s just paint!“ we’ll say, meaning, it’s not that serious—you can […]


4 Window Treatment Installation Tips

1. Measure. And then measure again. When it comes to installing blinds, nothing makes the task more miserable than finding out your measurements were off. Not wide enough and you are left with a bad light gap. Too long or short and the bottom is all messed up! So measure the window once, then go […]