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Five Fashion Week Trends You Can Wear This Spring

Fashion week always kicks off style trends for the rest of the year. Other designers in fashion, home decor, print and pattern, and art tend to follow trends set early in the year at fashion week. As someone who spent a decade working in fashion design, I’m always so excited to see the new ways designers […]

Pastel colors that work year-round: Light blue

How to Decorate with Pastel Colors Year Round

Easter is just around the corner… time to bust out the pastel decor for its yearly moment of glory, right? Or not! I say pastels aren’t just for spring—you can decorate with them all year long. If you change the colors paired with them, they’ll feel appropriate for every season! In fact, pastels can work beautifully […]

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Enjoying Spring with Favorite Flowers

People from all over the state of Texas drive to the country every March and April to see the amazing Texas bluebonnets. I, too, am fascinated by them. Each spring we would drive to the country to see them. Thanks to Lady Bird Johnson, you can find them along the road many places throughout the state. […]


When to Jump on a Trend

The thing about fashion and interior design is that it’s always changing. Here’s the cycle: You start seeing a new look. You can’t decide if you like it yet. You wonder if it is a flash in the pan. You wait. It’s still around 18 months later. You decide this trend is for you. You replace […]


Valentine’s Day Design: Nursery Edition

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I naturally think of all things girly. Pink, red, blush, purple, and cream scream girl to me! So I began envisioning how I would design a little girl’s nursery—since I have two boys, this literally is a dream. When I think of a little girl’s nursery, I don’t necessarily […]

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Color Inspiration for Your Home: Lilac Gray

Pantone recently released the 2016 Color of the Year, and for the first time it’s not one, but two shades! Serenity and Rose Quartz are both gorgeous, but I want to highlight another Pantone color that falls right in between—Lilac Gray. It’s predicted to be one of the top colors this spring, and it’s definitely one […]


5 Exciting Design Trends for 2016

Each year brings its share of trends, style, and color, carrying over some of what we loved from the previous year and ushering in new ideas to push us forward and keep us on our toes. Some of the big trends this year excite my old soul and intrigue my young heart. Here are my five favorite trends […]


Here’s a Bright Idea: Natural Shades

As we are all starting a fresh new year, it’s only natural to want a crisp, bright start with everything, including our homes and home décor, right?! There is nothing better than making a small, physical change to a room that leads to a dramatic difference. One way you can drastically change the look and feel […]

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7 Wallpaper Tips for the Timid

There’s no escaping the influx of wallpaper on my favorite home decor blogs—Scott and I are just as guilty. We can’t get enough of it! I fully admit to loving everything from dark, brooding florals to clean patterns, and with one of our guest rooms wallpapered already and our laundry room on the agenda, there’s no […]