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Before & After: Bachelor pad kitchen redesign with sliding panels

We’re back today with more photos from my bachelor pad redesign project! You can read about our decision making about what blinds and shades to go with here. Today we’re moving on to the kitchen, which was a hard room to change. Since it isn’t an eat-in kitchen, we kept it really natural, neutral, and […]


Cellular 101: The many shades of cellular

Bali Cellular Shades have a wide appeal—some customers love how they manage the light, some are drawn to their uber-effective insulation, and others just love their crisp, stylish folds, available in a huge selection of colors and patterns. Triple Your Benefits with Cellular Shades The truth is, cellular shades offer a trifecta of great qualities. […]


Black fringe for drama and flair: Using curtains to revitalize your space

There are certain rooms in our home (and I assume most peoples’ homes) that inevitably get put on the back burner, design-wise. For us, this is the studio; the place where I write, paint, and create, day in and day out. That’s not to say it hasn’t come a long way since we moved in; […]

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Taking the plunge with bold window treatments! Blue Roman shades reveal.

Awhile back I chatted with y’all about taking the plunge with bold colors! We were super hesitant to add in a bold color with window treatments. My hubby and I always default to whites, grays, and other neutrals. Bold colors? Well that’s for something tiny and easily replaceable, you know—like a pillow! Ha. With our […]

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The finishing touch in our office: Natural shades

Have you ever worked really hard on giving a room a makeover, only to realize in the end that a key element was missing? That’s what happened with our home office. While I personally don’t spend a ton of time in there, my husband does! He loved the room once we gave it a makeover, […]


Express yourself: Layering with window treatments

Purchasing one window covering can be a complex process in and of itself—why would anyone consider layering multiple products on each window? Well, it’s because layering window coverings has many benefits—like visual depth, interest, and dimension; as well as increased energy efficiency, privacy, and light control—and what you think might be a hassle of a […]

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An easy guide to picking out cellular and pleated shades

Cellular shades are well known for their energy efficient qualities, and now we can add stylish to the list.  Picking out the perfect shade for your home in four easy steps, but with the newest textures and patterns bringing a heavy dose of style, an easy process might still mean a tough decision! 1. Determine […]


Adding a punch of contrast in the dining room, with Roman shades!

When we last left off, Scott and I were debating the idea of a contrasting–and very bold!—shade for our dining room windows. You might remember that our dining room is one large space that connects to the main living area, which also leads to our tiny reading nook and kitchen. While Scott wasn’t completely on board […]


10 creative ways to use sheer curtains

I love sheer drapes. They’re light, breezy, and can add a touch of romance and decadence to any space. And there are lots of creative (and beautiful) ways to use sheer drapes—they’re not just for your windows! Here are ten of my favorite examples. Would you try any of these ideas? 1. To decorate a […]