valance returns wood blinds

4 simple steps on how to order valance returns for wood blinds

It’s important to visualize how your blinds will be mounted before they are installed. How is this related to valance returns? Well, which style you choose will not only have a visual impact on your room, but also on the size of the valance returns you need to order to properly finish off your look. […]

dbd bray room 2

Decorating for a growing boy’s bedroom. Hint: It involves new Roman shades!

Have you ever had a room in your home that was done to perfection? Every detail thought out and executed well? That was our son’s nursery. It was carefully planned for months, and I loved the room the second we started on it. And then something crazy happened…he got older! (Go figure, a baby that […]

window treatment ideas

Our new window treatments are up!

In my last post, I showed you guys the fabric and style that I picked out for my new window treatments, and how I made my decision. Now I’m excited to show you how they turned out! I’ve been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting ever since I placed the order, and the day my […]

roller shades

Roller shades 101: Making the rounds during award season

Simple and straight forward. Versatile, and sometimes surprising. Hardworking and extraordinarily capable. Are these accolades for your favorite actress in that indie movie that’s getting all the buzz this Oscar season? Or are they describing something more approachable, more accessible. . . . like Bali Roller Shades? Roller shades do have a clean, classic style […]

door curtains 6

Design idea: Drapes for doors    

During the coldest days of January and February, it feels like the winds can cut right through my house. Recently, I was watching a movie and the character had a heavy velvet drape covering the front door, which got me to thinking about both the beauty and utility of a draped door—especially one with large […]


The new curtains are here at last!

You know that time between when you order curtains and when they arrive? I’m referring to that exciting time when you are awaiting their arrival, wondering if they will be as beautiful as you imagined. I’ve been there for a few weeks. Then the wait was over. The boxes arrived. If you missed my selection […]

bedroom window treatment ideas

Window treatment makeovers for the bedroom and kitchen!

I’m currently renting the house I live in, so I’ve been hesitant to invest a lot in window coverings so far. But I’ve always been an advocate of making your house feel like your home, regardless of whether you’re a renter or a homeowner. After all, we spend so much time in our house, it’s […]


A new look for the new year: Selecting curtains

Looking for new curtains in your home? How do you decide which ones are best for you? First, you’ll need to select a color and pattern that works with your room. If you already have lots of colors, you will probably need to continue your theme. If your room has lots of patterns already, I […]

how to measure blinds and shades

3 easy steps to measuring blinds and shades

We get a lot of questions about measuring for Bali products, because everyone wants a perfect fit. Follow these three simple steps and you should have no problem ordering just the right blinds and shades to fit the variety of windows in your home! Step #1. Choose how to mount your blind or shade Inside mount […]