The new curtains are here at last!

You know that time between when you order curtains and when they arrive? I’m referring to that exciting time when you are awaiting their arrival, wondering if they will be as beautiful as you imagined. I’ve been there for a few weeks. Then the wait was over. The boxes arrived. If you missed my selection […]

bedroom window treatment ideas

Window treatment makeovers for the bedroom and kitchen!

I’m currently renting the house I live in, so I’ve been hesitant to invest a lot in window coverings so far. But I’ve always been an advocate of making your house feel like your home, regardless of whether you’re a renter or a homeowner. After all, we spend so much time in our house, it’s […]


A new look for the new year: Selecting curtains

Looking for new curtains in your home? How do you decide which ones are best for you? First, you’ll need to select a color and pattern that works with your room. If you already have lots of colors, you will probably need to continue your theme. If your room has lots of patterns already, I […]

how to measure blinds and shades

3 easy steps to measuring blinds and shades

We get a lot of questions about measuring for Bali products, because everyone wants a perfect fit. Follow these three simple steps and you should have no problem ordering just the right blinds and shades to fit the variety of windows in your home! Step #1. Choose how to mount your blind or shade Inside mount […]

cellular shades keep cold out

Tips for keeping the cold out!

When the cooler temps start to roll around, I get to thinking about all of the possible ways I can keep my house warm. Cranking up the heat and keeping a fire going seem like good bets, but since our century-old farmhouse has terribly drafty windows, keeping the heat in becomes just as important as […]

inside vs outside mount

Inside mount or outside mount: Which look is just right for you?

Beautiful windows come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our blinds and shades that dress them. With so many options. . . where do you start? Inside or Outside? Once you’ve found the best blinds or shades for you, your next step should be deciding how to mount them – whether to hang […]

bali roman shade

Guest room renewal with clean, crisp Roman shades

We’re well into fall, a season that brings us hot apple cider, woolly blankets, and thick socks. But perhaps most importantly, it’s that time of year that brings us together with our family and friends. Scott and I get the most loved ones visiting Chicago during these last months of the year. Because our house […]

magnolia leaves centerpiece

A terrific way to transition through the holidays

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to take down the jack o’lanterns and spiders! And…then what? Some people jump right into end-of-year holiday decorating after Halloween, but I like for my house to feel like fall all the way up until Thanksgiving. Still, it can be exhausting (and expensive) to switch out your décor […]

tv mixed with gallery wall

Creating a great space for your TV

In today’s world, technology is such an integral part of our lives—from TVs to computers to laptops and tablets. It may not be the first thing you think of when designing a room, but it definitely shouldn’t be the last. After all, I’m guessing you use that technology a lot (probably more than the other […]