Hanging Your Drapes: Fit to Window

My philosophy with decorating is that there’s no “right” or “wrong” way. As with many things in life, it comes down to personal preference. Plus, every house is different and you can’t apply the same hard and fast rule to every place and expect the same result. That said, there are some tried-and-true methods with […]


4 important safety steps for safe blinds and shades

There’s so much to think about when moving or preparing to have a child. You research and buy the safest crib, the highest-rated car seat, and even baby-safe laundry detergent. Unfortunately, even the most attentive parents who believe they’ve made their home safe for their kids sometimes overlook window treatments. Cords on window blinds and […]


Create a Cozy Fall Movie Night

It’s always a little shock to the system in the fall when the nights start getting longer and darker and time you used to spend outside needs to be moved indoors. I begin to feel like there is nothing to do and feel a little closed in. It’s easy to feel like this, but I’ve […]


Beautiful and functional blinds for your home

I love seeing out my windows and I really didn’t want a heavy covering that makes the room feel dark and stuffy. As you can see, the light shines into the room and really gives it a cheery feeling. So I wanted to add something for privacy at night that matches my home’s style, but […]


Love the way you lift! Explore control type options for window treatments

In honor of National Window Covering Safety Month, we’re reposting one of our most popular blog entries about control types, such as cordless lift. Read on to learn about the safest options for homes with young children and pets. We believe that you should fall in love with every part of your window treatment, from […]

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Top window treatment trends for fall

Each season trends emerge that define how we dress, decorate, and entertain. This fall, I’m excited about three trends not only for the remainder of this season, but past that because the prettiest styles are also the easiest to adopt for longer than just a few months. Source There has been a huge return to […]


Four reasons to love motorized blinds and shades

If you have a garage, you probably don’t think twice about having a garage-door opener. There’s no way you’re getting out of the car to open the door! (Well, not in 2015, anyway.) And what about your TV remote—some of us were designated channel changers as kids…ahem. As humans have done for millennia, we’re always […]


Solar shades 101: What is openness?

It happens to all of us. You’re sitting in a coffee shop, and slowly the sun shifts until it’s in your eyes. You look up and ahh—rescued. The cute barista lowers the solar shades to make your coffee break enjoyable again. But where Bali® Solar Shades really shine is in your home, helping to keep […]

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New obsession: Bali Natural Shades

Other than room service, what do you think is one of the nicest things about sleeping in a hotel room? My hubby and I love the darkness.. You see, the master bedroom in our house has three awesome windows that let in so much beautiful light. While I love nothing more than a bright and […]