New curtains for the dining room!

I loved the gray curtains I had in my dining room, but decided I really wanted something brighter. The good news is that I was able to move the gray curtains into other rooms, so I didn’t feel bad getting new ones. Here is what I selected:  Bali Drapery from the Dover collection, in the […]


Celebrate spring—with a clean start! Here’s a simple guide on how to clean your window treatments

It’s spring! (Okay, the snow just melted here in the Midwest, but I have seen a robin or two, and the tulips are pushing their way through the mud in the backyard, so I’m going out on a limb to say sunny skies are on their way.) Time to put the winter clothes away, brush […]


DIY colander pendant light & trending kitchen window treatments

Have you ever been in a beautiful space that felt lifeless? Yeah, me too. I make it my design goal to bring each room to life and make sure it’s going to inspire the people living in it. It turns out, when you add a quirky, unique piece to a room, like this awesome DIY colander […]

dbd w room 1

New natural bamboo shades for a growing boy’s bedroom!

You know sometimes you decide to do something one way, and then it turns out totally different than you planned? Well, that is my husband and me with our second baby. You see, we live in a two-story house, but the only room upstairs is our master bedroom. When we found out we were expecting […]


Give your windows a spring makeover

I wrote a post earlier about updating your house for spring, but I thought it would be fun to dive into some specific ideas for giving your windows a spring makeover. After a long winter, it always feels so good to let the light back in! And with these fun ideas, it’s easy to spruce […]

bathroom window

5 brilliant window treatment ideas for the bathroom

Everyone loves natural light, but when it comes to bathrooms, window treatments can be tough to figure out. Privacy is obviously an issue and sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to have a private space while letting in light. Other times, it’s a moisture issue—folds of fabric in the bathroom don’t always sound like […]

best window treatment for minimal modern style

The best window treatments for your style

Window treatments can make a big impact on the overall style of a room. They can be the workhorses of your design, subtle supporters, or dramatic accents. From drapes to blinds, shutters, and shades, when it comes to dressing up your windows there is something for every style. Photo Minimal In a minimal space, drapes […]

valance returns wood blinds

4 simple steps on how to order valance returns for wood blinds

It’s important to visualize how your blinds will be mounted before they are installed. How is this related to valance returns? Well, which style you choose will not only have a visual impact on your room, but also on the size of the valance returns you need to order to properly finish off your look. […]

dbd bray room 2

Decorating for a growing boy’s bedroom. Hint: It involves new Roman shades!

Have you ever had a room in your home that was done to perfection? Every detail thought out and executed well? That was our son’s nursery. It was carefully planned for months, and I loved the room the second we started on it. And then something crazy happened…he got older! (Go figure, a baby that […]