Fresh Ideas for Wide Windows

You know what gets a really bad rap, but shouldn’t? Vertical blinds! When people think of vertical blinds, they tend to think of what comes in apartments or stock builder homes. But nowadays, you can get some really amazing vertical blinds, and enhance them to be even better! If you have a really large window […]

5 Reasons to Love Roller (and Solar) Shades

There are several windows in my house that really give me trouble when I think about how to dress them. Some have gorgeous nineteenth-century moldings that I don’t want to cover, some are the only source of light for an entire room, and still others are in areas where I need light, but also need privacy. […]

Planning & Measuring for New Window Treatments

Previously I shared that we are getting our house ready for vacation rentals here. As you can see below, we finally moved some furniture into the house, but the windows look a bit bare. It’s hard to tell, but the room currently has mini blinds in it. When the blinds are pulled up to the […]

The Case for Motorized Shades

You might have seen that we recently installed motorized Bali Tailored Roman Shades as a part of our bedroom makeover. Now that they’re in, we love them! They’re just what we had in mind, and the clean texture adds a fresh simplicity to that entire side of the room. They’re a no-fuss, no-muss kind of window treatment, and […]

Staying Cool this Summer with Bali Natural Shades

Just in the nick of time—that’s what I keep telling myself! You see … here in Arizona we are show-offs. We tend to skip spring all together. It’s not a form of showing off that I appreciate, but it happens! We already are enduring consistent 90-degree days—that started in February. See that little window above? It’s […]

Give Your Shades the Spring Clean Treatment

It wasn’t that long ago that I was just talking about our winter care routine around the house, but over the weekend we took a long walk around our neighborhood without jackets. It’s downright smile inducing when that first lukewarm breeze hits your skin! Whether it was the air or the rejuvenating walk, Scott and I talked the whole […]

Tailored Roman Shades: Completing the Bedroom Windows!

I feel like inviting everyone I know over to our home for a dinner party—in our bedroom. That’s not too strange, right? Our bedroom has come so far! Earlier this year, we shared where this room began. It was a former kitchen-turned-master, and one of the biggest changes came in the form of those three new windows. They […]

Let the Window Planning Begin!

Scott and I have been hard at work renovating our almost 130-year-old house for well over two years at this point—and I mean hard. Weekends and weeknights are dedicated to most things home, including everything from painting walls and tiling floors to refinishing our favorite vintage finds (to name just a few!). To this point, we’ve spent the majority of […]

Pros and Cons of Shutters and Natural Shades

Shutters or natural shades? That is a question with which I have struggled, so I suspect I’m not alone. So what do you do when you like both? Well, I like to look at the pros and cons of each to help me decide which is best for the specific situation. First, let’s talk about shutters. Via […]