Our Living Room Renovation: Measuring & Installing Cordless Natural Shades

Welcome to the second post of a three-parter! We are renovating our living room and shared the inspiration over here in June. This month, we are moving on to the details of the natural shades we chose to complete the look, and how to get the minimal, fitted style that makes the design what it is. […]

How Does a Room Make You Feel?

It’s no secret that around here we’re big fans of blinds, shades, and draperies (sometimes together!) to spice up a naked window. Recently, I shared with you the window fabrics of our home, ranging from casual Roman shades to long and flowing curtains. Friends have asked, “How do you decide which treatment to put into which room?“ […]

Mix and Match Drapery Hardware for Every Style

Coming from a designer, this probably isn’t a surprise, but new drapes just bring out the design geek in me. I relish finding the perfect accent to my room and in making sure that all elements—down to the hardware—are in sync with my design. I even think the hardware and how it works with the […]

The (Window) Fabrics In Our Home

As Scott and I continue renovating each of the rooms in our house—from the reading room to the dining room to the bedroom—at some point, we find ourselves debating fabric swatches when we’re considering window treatments. Our sweet spot for coverings has surprisingly been the ever-casual-but-cool Roman shade, as we now have four rooms where we’ve […]

Fresh Ideas for Wide Windows

You know what gets a really bad rap, but shouldn’t? Vertical blinds! When people think of vertical blinds, they tend to think of what comes in apartments or stock builder homes. But nowadays, you can get some really amazing vertical blinds, and enhance them to be even better! If you have a really large window […]

5 Reasons to Love Roller (and Solar) Shades

There are several windows in my house that really give me trouble when I think about how to dress them. Some have gorgeous nineteenth-century moldings that I don’t want to cover, some are the only source of light for an entire room, and still others are in areas where I need light, but also need privacy. […]

Planning & Measuring for New Window Treatments

Previously I shared that we are getting our house ready for vacation rentals here. As you can see below, we finally moved some furniture into the house, but the windows look a bit bare. It’s hard to tell, but the room currently has mini blinds in it. When the blinds are pulled up to the […]

The Case for Motorized Shades

You might have seen that we recently installed motorized Bali Tailored Roman Shades as a part of our bedroom makeover. Now that they’re in, we love them! They’re just what we had in mind, and the clean texture adds a fresh simplicity to that entire side of the room. They’re a no-fuss, no-muss kind of window treatment, and […]

Staying Cool this Summer with Bali Natural Shades

Just in the nick of time—that’s what I keep telling myself! You see … here in Arizona we are show-offs. We tend to skip spring all together. It’s not a form of showing off that I appreciate, but it happens! We already are enduring consistent 90-degree days—that started in February. See that little window above? It’s […]