Color Trends & Ordering Free Swatches

Keeping up with trends can make your head spin. It’s my full-time job to focus on interior design and I find that sometimes it can be maddening. The good news is that design seems to be more and more about creating your own individual style rather than making your home look exactly like a designer’s and everyone else’s.

Still, it is helpful to know what is on trend. I wouldn’t want to paint an entire house some color home buyers don’t like, on the off chance I might be selling mine. So here are the colors and design trends I’m seeing.


Gray is in. It might not be new to the interior design world, but it seems to be here to stay. And many people who have been waiting to see if it would be around for the long haul are diving in. Black stainless steel appliances are super hot right now. Black stainless steel might not be a ‘color’ per se, but it works well with grays, which means it will help to keep gray around even longer.

Marble is also very, very popular. Even people who aren’t using it as a counter top surface are looking for other ways to incorporate it. As with black stainless, marble is not a color either, but it will continue to keep grays and colors that go with gray on the front burner. The other colors I see trending are colors that go well with grays.


What goes well with gray? Milky blues and grayish blues are in.


Lilac is another color I believe is going to get even more popular. It was my favorite color as a kid, and I still love it.


We don’t think of white as a color, but it is super popular as a wall color right now. Yes, white never went out of style, but beige and off-white were much more popular as wall colors. Now, white has moved past beige and off-white as the color of choice for walls.

Once you decide on your color themes for a room, you’ll want to be sure your window coverings work with the colors in the room. Before buying window coverings, I highly recommend getting some swatches in your home to make sure the fabric is going to work for the space. Visit the Bali Blinds site, and simply hover your cursor over the swatch to see an enlargement.

bali swatch

Click on the enlarged swatch for more information.


Add the swatches to your cart and they’ll be delivered directly to your home—free!




The hard part is deciding, but getting swatches to your home is easy!

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