Creating a Functional and Inspiring Garage


Of all the places we’ve lived in Chicago, this is our first home that has a garage we can call our own. It was a huge selling point for us, as we’d finally have the space to stash our bicycles, power tools, and (also for the first time) gardening supplies! But as we began renovating the interior of our home, the garage quickly became the catch-all area, with not even enough room to park a car. If we didn’t know what to do with something or where to put it, into the garage it went! As you can imagine, this escalated quickly to the point where we had to do something about it. Suddenly, one of the spaces we were most excited about became the one space we couldn’t stand to be in.

Can you relate? It seems that most homes have clutter in the garage, but it’s often the room that we aspire to be the most organized. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find the gardening gloves in a few seconds? How nice would it be to grab your bicycle and helmet without needing to move other items first? Last summer we finally made our garage a priority. It took time, but here are the things we learned along the way that made it manageable!


Recycle, donate, sell and purge. It makes no sense to go out and start buying hooks and bins if you don’t really know what you’ll be organizing! Not to mention, it’s a waste of money to store items you no longer need. First and foremost, take a day or two (or longer, if necessary!), and be brutally honest with yourself about the items in your garage you want to keep. Does it make sense to have three tents? If so, keep them. If not, donate two! Maybe you no longer need a paddle board or perhaps your children have outgrown their tricycles. This is the time to make big decisions. Create piles to donate, sell or recycle, and purge.

Pair like items together. What do you have left? By pairing all your similar items together, you can get a sense of what should be stored together, too.


Make a list. When you have everything laid out in groups, you can tally up how many bins you might need, which will help you determine what kind of storage system will work best for you. Make a list of what you need to buy and only purchase what you truly need.

Think outside the (storage) box! We used old kitchen cabinets in our garage to create a workbench, and a steel shelving unit keeps our bins organized. A garage is a perfect place to keep most tools within arms reach, so consider a pegboard wall!


Finally, create a functional and inspiring layout. Hang your hooks, put together shelves, and DIY wood storage. Step by step, take the time to put away all the items you’ve decided are a must have for your garage. Just like the first step, this last step can take a while, but the results will be worthwhile.


Your garage or workshop should be a place where you feel at ease. No longer will you put off projects when you know how easy it is to locate your miter saw! If you’re on the hunt for more creative ways to get organized this season, be sure to check out Bali Blinds on Pinterest! (This board is a favorite.)

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For more tips from Kim, check out her blog Yellow Brick Home.

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