Day and night fall DIY decor

Hooray! Hip hip hooray! It’s almost November! No matter where you live, that means it is beautiful out. I love everything.single.thing about fall: the leaves changing, the temperatures dropping, the drinks and food, the excitement for the holidays to come. Fall, to me, is all about celebration. For us in Arizona, it’s a huge celebration that the hot temps are over—we can go back outside and have gatherings out of the house! It is such a beautiful thing.

While Halloween is a fun holiday to celebrate, my family and I are all about Thanksgiving. We love everything it means. The way it brings people together makes you think of all the good things happening instead of focusing on the bad. It makes you really appreciate those in your life! Being thankful is so important, so I love that there’s a holiday that focuses on just that.

For Thanksgiving, we usually end our evening in our living room for pie and coffee, so one of my favorite places to deck out for the holidays is our DIY fireplace mantel. The undecorated mantel is still a beautiful sight, but with fun décor it’s even better. Here’s the blank slate I was working with:

fall mantel bali 1

Depending on what mood I’m in, or if we are hosting something in the evening, I usually fluctuate between a few set-ups. These are some of my favorites in rotation right now.

fall mantel bali 2

I love this one for day to day, and if we’re hosting people during the daytime, for sure! It’s super simple, non-cluttered, and fairly neutral for the season. Vintage books are always staple décor in our home, so there’s no surprise that books are one of my favorite parts of this setup.

fall mantel bali 4

My two other favorite parts: the brass leaves book ends I found at an estate sale for $3 and the cotton! I cannot tell you how long I have wanted this cotton, but it is so hard to find in stores. It’s sold online a few places, but normally they charge you an arm and a leg! I scored these at our awesome Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market that’s held twice a year.

fall mantel bali 6

The other setup I love at night includes our DIY wood block candle holder. The way the candles glow off the mirror is pretty stinkin’ magical, and I love the raw wood against all the paint! This setup is my favorite for Thanksgiving. The candle holder is two sided—one side says ”Be Thankful” and one side says ”Always Grateful.” It’s such a great reminder every time I walk in that room to focus on what matters, to be thankful for all we have!

fall mantel bali 3

Overall, decorate your home in a way that makes you smile. Don’t do something just because it’s on trend or because you think others will like it. Chances are good that you don’t have a bunch of people over every single day, so put up things you will enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!

fall mantel bali 5

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