How to Decorate with Pastel Colors Year Round

Easter is just around the corner… time to bust out the pastel decor for its yearly moment of glory, right? Or not! I say pastels aren’t just for spring—you can decorate with them all year long. If you change the colors paired with them, they’ll feel appropriate for every season! In fact, pastels can work beautifully as “neutrals” since they’re soft and subtle. If you’re working on a big area, like choosing a wall color or new window treatments, don’t be afraid to choose a pastel color you love. It’ll be more unique than white or gray, but will transition nicely through every season. Don’t believe me? Check out these examples.

1. Soft green: Soft green looks springy when it’s paired with cherry blossom pink and robin’s egg blue. But combined with navy blue and a light sky blue, it takes on a summery feel! For autumn, soft green works as a neutral, when paired with burnt orange and chocolate brown. And for winter, just add typical Christmas colors like red and green!

Pastel colors that work year-round: Soft green

2. Light blue: Light blue is one of the most versatile colors. With lavender and grass green, it’s a gorgeous spring palette. With sunny yellow and soft peach, it’s perfect for summer. Paired with gold and cranberry red, it’s lovely for fall. And with navy and silver, it transitions gracefully into winter.

Pastel colors that work year-round: Light blue

3. Pale lilac: If you couldn’t tell from this post, I’m a big fan of lilac in all its various shades. Pale lilac works beautifully for spring—I like it with chartreuse and blush pink. It moves nicely into summer when paired with sandy taupe and bright coral. For autumn, I like it with a deep plum and mustard yellow. And pale lilac, forest green, and deep merlot make a gorgeous, bold wintry color palette.

Pastel colors that work year-round: Pale lilac

Take a look at these Bali swatches I love. If you’re on the fence about using a pastel in your home, try ordering some of these swatches and set them against different colors in your home. You’ll see how versatile they really are!

Pastels that work all year long

Do you decorate with pastels in your home?

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