Love the way you lift! Explore control type options for window treatments

In honor of National Window Covering Safety Month, we’re reposting one of our most popular blog entries about control types, such as cordless lift. Read on to learn about the safest options for homes with young children and pets.

We believe that you should fall in love with every part of your window treatment, from noticeable features like fabric and pattern, to more inconspicuous details, like lift and control type. If you’re a first-time blinds buyer, you might think you’re stuck with old-school standard cord control blinds, the kind you raise by pulling the cord down and lower by giving it a quick tug. Not so! Before you buy, do you know which lift type will function best in your space? Here’s a quick rundown. For something basic, and homes without little ones.  Standard cord control is considered “traditional” for a reason: its basic design has stood the test of time (and that of entry-level decorating budgets). On the downside, those dangling cords can look cluttered, especially if tangled. It’s also not recommended for very wide windows. Other lift types provide added safety in homes with wee ones or pets.

Corded cellular shade
For a consistent look, especially with longer shades.  Say goodbye to dangling, tangling cords with continuous-loop lift. Here, there’s just one cord loop that always stays the same length, so it’s perfect for tall or hard-to-reach shades or wide windows. Pull one side to open blinds, pull the other to close them. It’s that simple. A wall-mounted safety device keeps the cord from twisting.

Continuous loop
Safest for homes with kids and pets. The cordless lift system also eliminates dangling cord hazards and looks even more streamlined and sleek, if not magical. To open, simply lift the bottom and the shades respond. Pull closed in the same way. Voilà! (To learn more about child-friendly window coverings, visit the Window Coverings Safety Council website.)

For hard-to-reach shades, and for the ultimate in energy efficiency. Guaranteed to impress friends and neighbors, motorized lift raises and lowers shades (even multiple shades) at the touch of a handheld control or wall switch. Even better, connecting your blinds to an automatic timer will allow you to close them on cue to maintain your desired temperature when the mercury swings, keeping your home toasty warm or delightfully cool.

Enjoy privacy without sacrificing natural light. Many of our products are available in top down and bottom up/top down varieties. With bottom up/top downblinds, you can let in natural light from above and below, while the middle partially conceals your interior. To if you like some privacy but still want to let in light and take in your view, this is a great option!

Bottom Up Top Down
You wouldn’t settle for a standard color, or let a stranger choose the fabric when buying blinds or shades you’ll likely be using for many years. We think it’s equally important to customize them with a lift type you really love! We used Cellular Shades and Roller Shades in our examples, but you can get any of these lift types in our full product line up. Happy shopping!

8 thoughts on “Love the way you lift! Explore control type options for window treatments

  1. I took my cordless cellular blind down to paint the window trim. The end cap came off and the tension was released and now the blind won’t retract. How do I “re-tension” the spring to get cordless blind to retract.
    Jim C Anchorage, Alaska

  2. Our top down, bottom up shade will not stay in the raised position, but falls down about a foot. How do we get it to stay raised when we want it up?

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