Unexpected, Exciting Dining Room Remodeling Ideas

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your dining room, you are in the right place. Let’s talk about some fun things you can do to make your dining room THE PLACE to be. It seems that most people focus on updating their kitchen, but maybe that’s because they aren’t sure what they can do with their dining rooms. Here are some fabulous ideas I found.

Liz Marie’s really fun farmhouse light fixture combines a ladder and three crystal chandeliers. Very clever! Beadboard on the walls gives the room a cozy feel.



This next dining room pumps up the drama with paint. In a bold move, they even painted the ceiling. They chose two pendant lights rather than one chandelier for a modern twist. I love the paneling in the room; there’s loads of contrast that gives the room a burst of energy.



When you think of beams, you might think of them in terms of structural support, but you can add cosmetic beams, too. This beam may be a support beam, but still—look at the character it adds to the space. Note the casual cabinetry and the barn light on the wall—they add a farmhouse feel to the room.



Here’s another idea for a unique dining room…How about painting your ceiling dark while leaving your walls light? Also note that this dining room has an alcove for the buffet. That alcove is mirrored on the other side within the arched cased opening.



I’m not sure the next room is a dining room, but it’s a dining space for sure. It’s from the actress Meg Ryan’s loft. I love the light streaming in, the industrial lighting, and the oversized windows. The open shelving adds storage and interest between the windows. I immediately thought she wouldn’t have privacy at night with those large windows, but I think I see shutters that can close over the windows. Note the exposed piping that hangs down from the ceiling. Adding closed cabinetry and counter top along the outside wall is a brilliant idea for storage.



To summarize: add character and beauty to your dining room with dark paint, build in cabinetry, use paneling, beadboard, opening shelving, or even clever light fixtures. Old rules are gone, and you are free to be creative, so have fun!

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