DIY birch log tea light holders

The best DIY projects, in my opinion, are the ones that are so easy they almost need no explanation. Today’s project falls into that category, which is probably why I love it so much! These birch log tea light holders take less than 15 minutes to make, and if you already own a drill, the supplies are pretty cheap too. These tea light holders would make great gifts, and they can easily transition from season to season. I can see these working perfectly as fall and winter décor, just by changing the accessories around them!

diy log tea light holder

diy birch log tea light supplies

You will need:
Birch log about 4” in diameter (I found mine at a local park awhile ago…in fact, I already used the same log to make some DIY coasters!)
Drill (make sure it’s fully charged!)
Tea lights
1.5″ drill bit
1.5″ spade drill bit (I actually used one that was 1 3/8″, which worked just as well)

drill placement

To make the coasters:
Saw the log into three parts of varying lengths to make your three holders. Use the regular drill bit to define the hole where the tea light will sit.

drill alignment

Use the spade drill bit to carve out the hole. I would recommend using a clamp to hold the log in place for this step, as the spade drill bit did jump around a little.

tea lights in log

Make sure the hole is deep enough for the tea light to sit fully in it. And that’s it! Repeat with your remaining sections of the log.

complete birch tea log holder

I hope you liked this DIY! I promise, it’s totally doable and it looks a lot pricier than it actually is. In fact, Terrain sells a very similar looking set for $48!

For more easy DIYs and home decor inspiration from Aileen, check out her blog At Home in Love.




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