Mix and Match Drapery Hardware for Every Style

Bali custom drapes

Coming from a designer, this probably isn’t a surprise, but new drapes just bring out the design geek in me. I relish finding the perfect accent to my room and in making sure that all elements—down to the hardware—are in sync with my design. I even think the hardware and how it works with the drape details can enhance the design much more than anyone would expect.

Too often drapery hardware choices seem to be a secondary decision to the drapes, but I’m here to show you five drapery styles that are ten times better because of the hardware choice.

Sleek & Modern

Let’s start with a sleek, modern style. Monochromatic rooms and finishes are very cool right now, so varying shades of black make an interesting, chic statement. If my graphite gray drapes had a grommet top, a dark, modern rod, pictured below, would further enhance the clean, minimal lines.


Next, do not underestimate the power of clean white. Although it can be unassuming, bright, lacquered white has a very hip, modern, almost mid-century vibe. Combined with a dramatic pattern, shown below, white hardware shines. I’d put other white sculptural elements in this room—lamps or side tables to drive this trendy, high-gloss point home.

bali custom drapes and drapery hardware

Contemporary Cool

For more contemporary spaces, you can get a designer feel with texture. Both the drapery rod and the drape in the above example are a bronze hue. The texture balance between them feels so well thought out.

Classic Elegance

When it comes to creating an elegant style, you can’t go wrong with a mirrored mercury glass finish. Mercury glass paired with a modern circle pattern in clean gray is a beautiful mix. This combo, above, would be so beautiful in a dramatic feminine space (like my bedroom!).

Cottage Charm

Lastly, don’t cut design corners just to achieve a rustic look! Aged finishes on hardware with whimsical patterns creates a look that is cozy and cottage-y. This mix, pictured above, has rustic elements, but still looks well planned.

These are just a few of the seemingly endless combos available with the Bali Drapery Hardware and Bali Drapery. Bali hardware is available in store and online through Amazon, Fred Meyer, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Shopko, Target, JCPenney, The Home Depot, and Walmart.

After seeing all of the options, what is your favorite combo?

Get Ready, Get Set, Create – with Bali! There are so many options to explore. . .So many colors, fabrics, styles, and features. . . so much potential for bringing a little zing into a room, or injecting your style into a whole house. So . . .where do you start? Start here. With Bali.

For more inspiration from Erin, check out her shop and blog at Earnest Home Co.

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