The Dream Room Dream Team Kick Off

Today, I’m so excited to be kicking off what will be the first of a four-part series, documenting three amazing families and their participation in Dream Room Dream Team makeovers!

Wait—back up. What’s this all about?

Have you ever walked into a room and it just felt right? There are a lot of elements that need to play nicely together to create spaces that feel warm, inviting, and comfortable, but I’d like to argue that by first laying the foundation, you’ll set yourself up for success. When searching for how you want your space to feel (and I’ve talked about this before!), it often times comes down to the most basic elements—color and light. And when the right lighting commingles with harmonious colors, the rest will have an easier time falling naturally into place.

Over the next few months, I’ll be working with three families and Lowe’s Home Improvement to demonstrate how to balance color and light, together with the Olympic Paint® and Bali Blinds® Dream Team! I couldn’t be more honored or excited, and I’ll be focusing on one room for each family. The process will come together in 3 easy steps, starting with palette, moving on to finishes and, finally, getting to work. To take advantage of your own room refreshes, be sure to check out your local Lowe’s stores, where you can brainstorm with friendly store associates to bring your dream room to life with Olympic Paint and Bali Blinds!

Let’s meet the families!


Pete and Rachael recently moved into a Tudor style home that has been, luckily, well maintained over the years. Original details remain throughout—from cove ceilings to solid wood doors and tall, beautiful baseboards. Since purchasing the home last year, they’ve refinished the hardwood flooring and have started painting a few rooms, and while their front room has already come a long way, they’re stumped on a few final touches to bring it all together.

Their windows open inward, making window treatments somewhat tricky. At the same time, they don’t necessarily want to cover up the painted wood detailing and brass accents. I’ve suggested outside mount Bali Roller Shades, which look minimal when retracted but filter light and add privacy when closed. We’ve since requested a handful of free swatches, and we’re in the midst of deciding on opacity and finish. One thing is for sure—they’ll be opting for motorized shades for the added convenience of being able to open and close every last shade with the touch of a button!

Their walls are slightly textured, and when they first moved into their home, they painted the formerly chocolate brown walls a soft cream. They explained that although they find the color inoffensive, they were never quite sold on the slightly yellow hue. Instead, they were hoping for a warmer feel without the obvious yellow tones. “And could we go just a touch darker?” they asked. We sifted through my Olympic paint deck, and we narrowed it down to five contenders, all of which were a more sophisticated mid-toned gray with yellow or green undertones.

Rachael has since picked up samples and has began holding the color swatches around the room. The clear winner was Olympic’s Intuitive, and to help conceal the textured walls (rather than highlight them), they’ve opted for a flat finish. In addition, all of the trim work—including the fireplace!—will receive a bright white for extra contrast.


Dave and Carmen were excited to refresh their master bedroom, and they were ready for a change! Their whole home was painted a cool medium gray when they moved in, and their bedroom was no different. It’s a nice and neutral color, but when combined with their dark wood furniture, espresso-colored floors, and heavy bedding, the room felt weighed down.

Years ago, they added horizontal blinds to keep out the bright morning sun. The problem? The cords were messy, and they chose the treatments as a quick fix to give their bedroom much-needed privacy. You can see above that one of the windows sidles up right next to their closet door, making the option of adding curtains a near impossibility (without being a large hassle!). However, they were 100% open to the idea of adding texture through fabric, and after sharing several options with them, Bali Tailored Roman Shades won out! We selected sample swatches in various colors and patterns, and I can’t wait to reveal what the winner is; sorry, I need to leave a little mystery! No matter what, they’ve opted for cordless, which will quickly remove the visual clutter that corded blinds leave behind.

We discussed an array of paint colors for their walls, but when I suggested a clean, crisp white, they quickly agreed. Rather than have the walls speak with color, we’ll allow that to happen with the window treatments and accessories throughout the room! Our final color pick was Olympic’s Delicate White, which is every bit as, well, delicate as the name suggests. It has a barely-there warm undertone, meaning it will never look too cold.

The end results are going to feel fresh and bright, and in addition, I’m looking forward to helping them spruce up a few key pieces of bedding and decor along the way!


Joe and Meg own a successful furniture business in Chicago, so you’ll likely notice their swoon-worthy pieces throughout their master bedroom. The only problem, if you want to call it that, is that they had only just moved into their home one week before I took these photos! To help them celebrate their move and family fresh start, I was thrilled to work with them on creating a safe haven for them after a long day at the studio.

Their bedroom receives a lot of light, and you can see that there are fun architectural details that make the room’s shape unique. Joe and Meg gravitate towards a fun-loving and bold design aesthetic while still mixing in a healthy dose of neutrals for balance, and I knew they’d be a great contender for Bali Natural Shades. They’ll be going with cordless—a safe and pleasing option with two young children and a tiny dog in the house!—and together we chose a variety of samples in lighter tones.

This natural look is going to pair beautifully with the dramatic color they’ve chosen for their walls: Olympic’s Midnight Clover. The deep green hue is going to look stunning against the white trim, and it will accentuate the lines of their ceiling while highlighting the warm wood furniture in the room. I can’t wait to watch the first roll of paint go up on bare walls!

I’ll be following the progress as it unfolds for of each of the families and their respective rooms, and I’ll be back soon with a full progress report! And don’t forget, you can find out more information on the Dream Room Dream Team right here, including special savings as a part of the Olympic Paint and Bali Blinds collaboration.

In the meantime, you can get a jump start on your own room refresh by trying out the Olympic Paint Color Visualizer. It’s a great way to try out any color from Olympic’s vast line—without the commitment. Once you’re ready to take the plunge, a Lowe’s sales associate will be on hand to help you kick start your own Dream Room project!

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