Drumroll, please! Presenting my new bedroom window treatments

I am so excited today to share with you the drapery and Roman shade update in my master bedroom! I had a blast picking out the fabrics and colors (as I described in an earlier blog post) and had even more fun hanging them and seeing the finished look. before Before, my drapes and shades were both handmade. Although they were perfect for their original purpose, after 5 years of pulling and tugging on my handmade creations, it was definitely time for an upgrade. What I got was a chic, tailored look. The new drapes are a heavy white matelassé (the style is called “Kuna”), which looks billowy and fresh. Behind them is a natural textured Roman shade called “Dune, Haze” which is—get this—motorized and remote-operated! Our windows are hung from ceiling height (more on that later) and cords are always a bit of a struggle for my 5-ft. stature. The motorized control operation is a huge life-saver, not to mention energy efficient for optimal light control. Bedroom Style Diptych When the Roman shades arrived in the mail, I promptly took them out of the box and was a little overwhelmed by the prospect of putting them up myself. I was determined to do it, however, and wanted them to be perfect, so I read the instructions through a few times, got together all of my tools, and went for it. I had three windows to complete—two in our main master bedroom area and one in the adjacent dressing room. With my stepstool, pencil, level, and power drill in hand, I tackled the first one. Step 1 - Level Step 2 - Mark I started by holding the shade from the necessary height, with the level perched on top, and parked the top corners of the shade. I used these marks as a guide for the brackets, although I placed the brackets about 6″ in from the outer edge of the shade. Step 3 - Drill Step 4 - Hang First I marked the bracket holes, then went back through and drilled holes on my pencil marks. This gave me a great start for the screws so the brackets would be less difficult to screw in. Once the brackets were installed, snapping the drapes in was easy! You’ll see that I have a piece of wood mounted above the window frame. I did this back when I moved into the house to allow me to hang the drapes high—giving the impression of tall ceilings in a house that actually just has standard 9 ft. ceilings. Since the Roman shades cover the entire top board and molding of the window, it actually gives the appearance that the window is taller than it is! Interesting trick, huh? Step 6 - Drapes Step 7 - Hanging Drapes So, after the shades were installed, hanging up the drapes was a piece of cake. I got some new brushed chrome drapery rods with crystal accents on the ends for a little touch of glamour. The new window coverings add such an upscale but calm and relaxed vibe to the room. I just love being in there. remote - 2 dressing room vertical So now, my mornings look a lot like this—waking up in a relaxing room with soft light gently filtering through the natural texture of the Roman shades, then one push of a button brings the sunlight in and starts my day off bright and cheerful. after For more home decor inspiration from Erin, check out her blog House of Earnest.

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