How green is that blind in the window?

Forget whether something is simply recyclable. Truly green-minded DIYers look at manufacturing process, transportation, and other not-so-obvious indicators too when looking for eco-friendly window treatment options.

In her book Green Interior Design, Lori Dennis offers key questions for deciding how earth-friendly your furnishings and home décor pieces are, such as:

  • Do they come from renewable sources?
  • Are they produced using extraction methods with little or no impact on the environment or wildlife?
  • During manufacturing, were recycling methods used to eliminate waste?
  • Does the manufacturing plant utilize energy saving systems?
  • Are they packaged minimally?
  • Is it a good quality design that will last a lifetime?
  • Can they be recycled in the future?
  • Does the manufacturer have a third party green label?

The good news is that if your windows are covered with any kind of blinds, shades, or drapes, you score instant green cred for insulating your home and reducing energy consumption.

Bali is also scoring points for sustainability. As part of our “Green by Nature” commitment, our collection of environmentally friendly blinds and shades is growing. In our manufacturing, we’re cutting carbon emissions, decreasing energy use, and reducing waste by sourcing materials locally and using eco-friendly processes.

Our products are:

Made locally from renewable materials.

wood blinds

Bali Wood Blinds, for example, are made from renewable basswood lumber. By sourcing our materials from domestic sawmills in the Great Lakes and Appalachian regions, we have reduced the distance that raw materials need to travel to our plants. Fewer road miles equals lower carbon emissions.

natural bamboo shades

Bali Natural Shades and Natural Drapes are also crafted from renewable bamboo, sisal, grass, and jute. These fast-growing products are ready for harvest in one to five years. Their root systems remain intact and are used to grow new shoots and prevent soil erosion.

green products


Nearly every Bali product is made with recycled materials, including plastics, metals, and fabrics.

Created while conserving energy. 

We use lumber scraps and other waste from our manufacturing facility to heat the wood drying kilns and the factory. We turn excess sawdust into wood pellets in a waste-to-energy program.

Third-party green label.

Our blinds and shades use GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified  materials, with low chemical and particle emissions.

Packaged minimally. 

Bali packages all our products with 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard, angle board, poly tubes, EPS pads, parts tubs, and bubble wrap.

We use custom box-cutting machines to cut each box to the exact size of the blind to cut eliminate waste.

Designed to last.

Bali Blinds are designed, engineered, and tested for long life. Want to know more? Find out the green features and LEED specifications of all our products.

tips for a green home


Whether you’re motivated to save some green or are a card-carrying environmentalist, adding energy efficient, thoughtfully produced window treatments to your home is a win-win!

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