European style: Houses and windows edition

I’m the kind of person who notices houses everywhere I go. I love checking out cute houses in my neighborhood whenever I go for a walk, and I snap lots of pictures of houses and buildings when I’m on vacation. (Not just the famous ones either—random ones on the street that I find charming for some reason or another). I recently came back from a three-week trip to Iceland, Italy, and France, and, sure enough, I had tons of pictures of houses, buildings, and windows on my camera. So I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites!

Iceland: The style in Iceland is very Scandinavian—clean lines and contemporary design. But they’re not afraid of color! I loved how most of the houses over there had not only colorful exteriors, but also brightly colored roofs.





Italy: I was utterly charmed with the houses and buildings in Italy. We found rows of colorful buildings and humble brick houses, almost all of them with the same dark green shutters. I looked it up and apparently there is an actual ordinance saying that shutters can’t be any color other than black, brown, or green!






France: Once we hit France, the buildings got noticeably more opulent. The windows had shutters of all different colors, plus scrollwork, iron balconies, and other architectural elements. So beautiful.





Which country’s buildings do you like best? Do you notice the houses and windows when you’re on vacation, too?

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