My Favorite Bali Window Treatment

As the year is closing out, it’s a nice time to look back. I like to think about my favorite moment, favorite meal, and favorite accomplishment. My favorite moment? This summer when my family came for a visit at our mountain house in North Carolina.



Yes, that was a special time. They had never been to the mountains of North Carolina before, and they were quite taken with the stunning views. Who can blame them?

How about my favorite meal? That would be lunch at the Biltmore this fall with my husband. The drive on the property was so fun, and then the food was exquisite. No kids, too! (Did I say that out loud?)

My favorite accomplishment would have to be when Country French magazine named me one of their favorite stylemakers this fall. That was so humbling, and such an incredible honor.

And what about my favorite Bali product? I am going to be honest, I had to think about my other answers to come up with my favorites, but I don’t even need to think about my favorite Bali product. It’s the Cabo, Placid natural shades.


I have them in every room of my house. I love them! They are gorgeous and dress up a casual room while adding a relaxed feel to a formal room. They are the perfect color, too: they have gray overtones which can be difficult to find in natural shades.

I love their natural beauty, but that’s not all. My Bali Natural Shades are cordless, and these are not my first cordless shades. I’ve bought many before that were not Bali, and that was a big mistake. After a year or so, the cords on the back became detached from the shades because some parts broke off. This happened on many of the rogue shades and I had to do my best to fix them.

Happily, my experience with Bali Natural Shades has been quite different. They are well built. We open and close the shades every day and still the mechanism works beautifully. There have been no malfunctions with my Bali Natural Shades, and I’ve had them three years. They stay in place wherever you leave them. You simply pull them down to where you want them, or push them up.


The engineer in me loves their functionality and reliability and the designer in me loves the looks. They just look great in every room of my house.


What is your favorite Bali product?


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