Enjoying Spring with Favorite Flowers

People from all over the state of Texas drive to the country every March and April to see the amazing Texas bluebonnets. I, too, am fascinated by them. Each spring we would drive to the country to see them. Thanks to Lady Bird Johnson, you can find them along the road many places throughout the state. When we bought our farm in January of 2009, the surveyor poked the ground with his foot and said, “You’re going to have some bluebonnets this spring.” I saw a few baby bluebonnet plants and got pretty excited. I thought it would be great to see some patches of bluebonnets here and there on our very own place. I was completely unprepared for the massive show of bluebonnets. The photo below is our south pasture. I think I must have taken a thousand photos that first spring.


If you live in Texas, it is a requirement that you take your kids or dogs to a patch of bluebonnets and take their photos there.

Seriously, everybody does it. Here’s Molly the Collie, our rescue dog. She loves the flowers, too! The orange flowers are Indian paintbrush.


If you’re not a Texan, you might not have seen bluebonnets up close and personal, so here’s a close up for you.


I even had a party one year out in the field of bluebonnets. Here’s the table.

1 party

You can purchase bluebonnet seeds if you want to grow your own. Just remember that they need to be planted in the fall for a spring show of color. I was also pretty excited to see that we had some prickly pear cactus at our place. Cactus are common in the western part of the state, which is very dry, but we are much further east and have a lot more rain. The bloom is really beautiful in person.


Bluebonnets are not the only famous blue flowers native to Texas. Bluebells are also famous—the Bluebell Creamery in Brenham was named for them. They may be called bluebells, but they are decidedly purple.

purple flower small

Another of my favorite flowers is the common thistle. They are beautiful, but be sure to use very thick gloves if you pick them. I’ve been poked more than once by these very thorny creatures.


Verbena is another favorite —it blooms at our farm as a volunteer, meaning we did not plant them. Below you can see lavender verbena mingling with bluebonnets.


Blue-eyed grass, also found at our farm, is small and simple, but still lovely.


Lastly I thought I would share clasping Venus’ looking glass. It’s so beautiful and very delicate. Most of these flowers are not what you normally see in gardens, but these are the flowers I love.


Enjoy your spring and be sure to stop and notice the flowers.

For more tips and inspiration from Anita, check out her blog Cedar Hill Farmhouse.

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