A Fresh Home for a Fresh Start

After a busy holiday season, the new year is always welcomed with open arms in our home. Like for so many others, January 1st not only signifies a time of inward reflection and resolution, but it truly feels like a fresh start. As the prior year winds down, Scott and I talk about everything the last 12 months have brought us; from the good to the bad, we discuss it all, and most importantly, we share what we could have done better and celebrate those things we did well. It’s a cathartic conversation to have, and with a clear mind, we allow ourselves to dive into the coming year with both feet.

We keep our resolutions minimal, typically agreeing that it’s always a great idea to simply be kind. It’s an easy rule to live by, and we’re always the first to keep each other in check! All that to say, with those inner feelings aligned, we’re equally as eager to turn toward our surroundings. Here are a handful of ways we take care of our home, allowing us to start the year more joyful.

We dust. Edit that to say, we dust like crazy. We enjoy a tidy ship around here, but there are often things that get put on the back burner during our usual cleanings. This is one of the few times a year that we turn our attention towards every inch of baseboard, the tops of photo frames and way under the couch, bed and dresser—even the leaves of our houseplants.

We clean the kitchen. And by “clean the kitchen,” I mean that we run hot, soapy water over our cabinets and wipe behind every last appliance covering our countertops. Our kitchen takes a beating almost every day (just as I’m sure yours does!), and it feels so nice to reset, so to speak.

We wash all the fabrics in our home. Well, to an extent! After the holidays, I undress all our throw pillows and gather up throw blankets, and I throw them in our washing machine. Wool blankets get dropped off at the dry cleaner, and we even spot clean our upholstered furniture and curtains. (You could always rent a rug cleaner as well.)

We take care of those pesky to-do items once and for all. You know how you’ve been meaning to change the light bulb in the hallway for the last few months? And you know that knob on the junk drawer that needs to be tightened? This is the time of year to set aside an afternoon to just do it. You’d be surprised at how little time this takes in the end.

To us, a fresh home is a fresh start, and we feel at our best after we’ve taken the time to show our environment some love, too! If you’re on the hunt for even more ideas, may I suggest following Bali Blinds on Pinterest? (Psst… this board is full of tips to get your home in tip-top shape.)

Have a wonderful year, friends!

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