Fresh Ideas for Wide Windows


You know what gets a really bad rap, but shouldn’t? Vertical blinds! When people think of vertical blinds, they tend to think of what comes in apartments or stock builder homes. But nowadays, you can get some really amazing vertical blinds, and enhance them to be even better!

If you have a really large window that you need to cover up, here are some awesome options for that:

Traditional Vertical Blinds


Traditional blinds have come such a long way! No longer do they come in vinyl only—you can choose between a wide variety of fabrics! Even a lot of the fabric options have designs on them, so no fear if you want something more than a solid color option. And you can get vinyl vertical blinds to match your vinyl horizontal blinds, too.

Wood Vertical Blinds


I love these wood vertical blinds. They add such an organic warmth to a room, and are amazing at blocking out light. They are guaranteed to not get tangled by the way they are hinged, so no fear! I would love to see these in a room with some bright white walls and a bunch of green plants!

Sheer Enchantment® Vertical Blinds


Sheer Enchantment adds a beautiful touch to large windows. The fabric is a sheer overlay on vinyl vanes, which gives you light control while still keeping the space light and airy.

To take any of these options up a notch, I love adding some drapes to the sides. That way you can mix and match colors and patterns. You can keep the vertical blinds simple with a neutral color, and the drapes could feature a fun pop of color or pattern! If you are moving to a space that has vertical blinds you don’t love, don’t just take them down. Think outside the box, add some drapes, and fall in love! Long gone are the days of being “stuck” with vinyl blinds that are uninspiring.

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