Freshen up your home with greenery

I love having fresh flowers and greenery in my home. It gives the rooms a feeling of freshness and puts a smile on my face. Of course, having fresh flowers in your home all of the time can be expensive, so I’ve moved toward using the trimmings from my shrubs instead of store bought flowers. They don’t require a trip to the florist, and they are totally free.

I don’t even mind if the cuttings are just leaves. I don’t have to have a showy rose every day to be happy. I enjoy the simple things, like a few branches of ligustrum, rosemary, or salvia. I have a small yard, but there are plenty of plants I can use for cuttings to bring inside.

greenery in your home with flowers in  glass bottles

And the vase doesn’t even have to be an actual vase. I use vintage glass jars and bottles. Sometimes I use a white pitcher or a vintage silver water pitcher.

greenery in your hoem with flowers  inside a mercury glass vase

Once, during a magazine photo shoot, I was surprised when the stylist simply grabbed some glasses from my kitchen cabinet and plopped a few flowers in them. So the vase can be something with everyday simplicity or something elegant.

ironstone pitchers  for decorating with flowers inside

If you want your fresh flowers and or branches to last longer, here are some tips that I recommend.

  1. Change the water daily. Okay true confessions here, I don’t always change the water every day. But when I do, the greenery and flowers last longer.
  2. Keep cut flowers or greenery in the refrigerator overnight. Sometimes the cuttings are too large to fit in the refrigerator, but when I do this it usually doubles the life of the cuttings or flowers.
  3. Use the professional “flower food.” It’s that stuff that comes in a packet when you buy fresh cut flowers. I usually have a few extras in my drawer. They work very well. Remember that when you change the water, you need more of the flower food.
  4. Re-trim the stems. Sometimes the branches can get droopy. If they are looking sad, trying giving the ends a little trim

 greenery in your home with flowers in a pitcher

Another thing you can do is simply keep some house plants indoors, but you do have to remember to water them!

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