How to Give Your Home a Fresh Look After the Holidays

The presents were opened, the Christmas tree is long gone, and the fruit cake is a hard rock. As you survey the room, you realize it looks … well … empty. So now what? I love the holidays, but I also love putting everything put away and starting with a fresh slate. But just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean your home can’t be full of charm and warmth.

Here’s how I transition from holiday decor to winter decor:

1. Don’t put away greenery. I love using preserved boxwood wreaths, dried moss, and fresh greenery for my Christmas decor. So I keep it out after the holidays are over because it’s still appropriate for the season. I throw out any fresh greenery that has wilted or turned brown. Anything really blingy that says “Christmas”‘ gets stored until next year. I love these mini boxwood wreaths, and I just may keep them out all year.


2. Use throws and pillows. These accoutrements  say “cozy” and “warm.” Here, I added the blue pillows and the blue throw.


Plaids and dark colors give the feeling of a ski lodge.

winter porch

3. Add some plants. I had shiny Christmas ornaments in my cloches over the holidays, so now it’s time to fill them up with something natural for the winter season. Ivy seems to be about the only thing I can keep alive these days, so ivy it is! One cloche has a live ivy plant in it, while another one has an urn with a preserved boxwood ball in it. The one in the back is filled with old books.


4. Add lavender. This vintage dough bowl was filled with Christmas decor, so I’ve transitioned to the new season using dried lavender, bird nests, and moss. The lavender smells divine—an added bonus. I like the look of natural elements and they work in almost any décor.


It’s all about changing things up so your home doesn’t feel stale or tired. Just a few subtle items can easily transition your home from the holidays to a winter look. Now you’re all set until Valentine’s Day, but let’s not think about that just yet.


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