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Throughout our years of homeownership, Scott and I have tried it all. From the paint on our walls to the colors of our linens and the style of furniture, we’ve made mistakes—large and small! And discovered that just because I may love a red dining room in an inspiration photo, it doesn’t mean I’ll love it in our own home. (Probably, not surprisingly, this was a lesson learned the hard way.) Now, we find ourselves gravitating back to the basics. We crush on shades of fresh white, cream, and linen, we use deep blues and soft grays in our décor, and we think every room should have a splash of contrasting black.

As we’ve slowly learned what we enjoy (and, just as importantly, what we don’t!) on the floors and walls, the same could be said about our feelings toward window treatments. When I think back to our first home together, one of our first big purchases was outfitting the large living room window with wood blinds, and a few years later, we lightened the look with cellular shades. Our current home, however, is a different story, as we’ve found ourselves turning to the same shade over and over again. This shade hangs in our reading room, guest room, dining roomand bedroom, so it’s safe to say that our new go-to window treatment is the beautiful Roman shade:



Perhaps my favorite thing about Roman shades is all the ways you can customize them to fit your home style. We’ve always preferred the ‘classic flat style,’ but ‘looped’ was always a close contender! Either of those choices are a little more buttoned-up, in my opinion, although the tight styling is juxtaposed with the casual fabric. On the other hand, a ‘seamless’ roman shade feels laid-back and casual. Our bedroom windows, seen here, are an example of the ‘classic flat’ styling:



Probably the most daring decision we made was in our dining room! While we stayed true to our go-to shade, we wanted more of a statement. We debated between varying shades of deep blue before landing on Coastal California, a deep indigo that jumps off our light grey walls. Although it felt pretty risky to us (remember when I proclaimed our love of neutrals earlier?), we couldn’t imagine these windows any other way!



Roman shades are available in so many patterns and colors, allowing you to really highlight your home’s personality! That may be what I love most about this style—it feels so classic, yet it could lean pretty dramatic, too. If you’re looking for more Roman shade inspiration, may I suggest checking out Bali Blinds on Pinterest? This board shares how a simple tweak in color can change the entire feel of a room!

What is your go-to window treatment of choice?

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