6 Tips to Make Your Guests Feel Most Comfortable

I think it’s lovely to have a space for guests to relax in and feel welcome. I like to pretend I’m a guest at our house and experience the room through the eyes of a guest. I know some hosts stay in their guest rooms periodically to ensure they’re up to snuff. This is a wonderful way for you to check out everything—sound levels, privacy, and comfort. Here are a few things to focus on:


1. Provide a comfortable bed. Of course, your first concern should be bed comfort. As an alternative to spending the night there, you can always take a nap in the bed to get a feel for it. Is it too soft? Is it too hard? (Goldilocks, anyone?) If it’s too hard, you can always buy a memory foam topper for added softness. If it’s too soft, you might need to buy a new mattress.

2. Can your guests sleep in? Is the room dark in the morning or is the sun streaming in when the roosters are crowing? You might consider a Bali window covering with a room-darkening liner so your guests aren’t awoken too early. The room above is shown with Bali Natural Shades  in Cabo, Placid with room-darkening liners.


3. Think of their thirst. I like to have a carafe of water in the room for guests so they can get a drink without going into the kitchen in the middle of the night. An ice bucket filled with ice would also be a nice touch. You can also include other drinks if you want to go the extra distance. This room, our guest quarters, has a kitchenette so guests have an entire refrigerator to themselves. If you are really nice, you can even provide breakfast service.


4. Is there a reading chair? It’s always nice if you have room to provide a comfortable place to sit and read. I’m not sure guests do much book reading these days, but it is still nice to have an inviting place to sit and relax, even if you just use it for checking your phone.


(curtains shown are Bali Blinds Bavarian Munich.)

5. Provide extra blankets. If it is cold, the extra blankets will probably be greatly appreciated.  If is warm, it’s nice to have very lightweight blankets on the bed.

6. Offer available entertainment. Providing a TV in the guest room is a nice touch, but certainly not a requirement. At our farm, we do not have TV service, so I try to let guests know before they arrive. It’s also lovely gesture to provide the password for wireless Internet access as guests arrive. At our farm we’ve got no WiFi—or Internet for that matter—so everyone is on their own, but it’s the country. I figure people come out to get away.

Of course… if you make it too nice, guests aren’t going to want to leave, but I suppose that’s a good problem to have.

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