3 Simple spooky Halloween decorating ideas

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to mean a trip to the party store for cheap, run-of-the-mill decorations. Simple updates to regular household items create a spooky vibe without the cost or hassle of a trip to the mall. And in my opinion, homemade decorations looks ten times better than anything you can buy! Here are three easy projects for a superbly spooky holiday.

simply spooky

Treacherous Treats

Transform clear bottles into creepy confections with just a simple paper printout. Print this free template on to a full sheet sized white label.Cut out around the borders and apply them to basic apothecary bottles.

simply spooky 4

Creepy Crawlies

These spider plates may look like a lot of work, but all they take is a spider stamp and a stamp pad! Pigment ink dries without smearing and wipes off easily after the holiday with some nail polish remover. Just make sure to stamp the back of the glass plate and not the top!

spider stickers

Naturally Nightmarish

Faux foliage has nothing on the real thing. A simple branch from the yard gets an eerie update when spray painted black. Drape a little Spanish moss over the twigs and you’ve got yourself a stand-out décor piece for All Hallows’ Eve!

black foliage

Now you see that making special decorations for a ghoulish holiday doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Try out one of these ideas for a simply chic and spooky season!

For more home decor inspiration from Erin, check out her blog House of Earnest.


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