How to make a Halloween wreath decoration

Halloween will be here before we know it! When I think of Halloween, my first thought is always of that amazing smell pumpkins make when they’re lit at dusk. The smell of the pumpkins, the light fading away from the day, the families all outside—it’s magical. As a kid, it was all about how much candy we could accumulate by night’s end. Yes, the costumes, of course, mattered, but the candy mattered more!

While I know that Halloween and Halloween décor is not everyone’s jam, there is something just so fun about it—especially now that I have kids of my own. In years past I have stuck solely to more fall décor, leaving out any true Halloween things. No witches, spiders, or skulls to be found. And while fall décor definitely fits in more with the aesthetic I like, I wanted to let my kids see what a true Halloween house looks like!

halloween skull and spider wreath

We started off simple by making a spiders and skulls Halloween wreath for the front door! It was such a fun and easy project, and my little three year old loved helping me put the spiders on the webbing!

Here is all you need to make the wreath:

halloween wreath 2

I grabbed all these supplies at our local Walmart, and it probably cost me $15, and I still have a ton of the supplies left over. The leftover webbing and spiders will grace our front door posts—I cannot wait!

spider web halloween wreath

To make the wreath, I simply wrapped the webbing around the wreath until I liked how it looked. I wanted it to cover most of the wreath, but pulled enough so it looks like a thin web. Next, I placed the spiders and skulls where I wanted them. The big skull sat at the base of the wreath, and is extra fun since his mouth can actually open still! Once everything was in the exact place I wanted it, I hot glued it all to secure it. The webbing clings to the wreath pretty well on its own, but I glued spots to secure it even more. The whole assembly probably took me 15 minutes to get it just right, and I love how it turned out!

spooky halloween wreath

Probably one of my favorite parts about the wreath is the view that my little guys get when they see it. The main skull is super top heavy, so he leans down a little. My three year old thinks the face looking down at him is hilarious. We made sure these items are super silly rather than scary when we first introduced them to him, and so far he loves it!

skull halloween wreath

Now the only thing left up for debate is whether to place it on the outside of the front door or the inside. I would normally never question that, but I love the look of it against our black interior door, and I’m not so sure I want to be scaring away anyone who comes to our door! Either way—trick or treat, friends! Happy Halloween.

halloween wreath

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