How to Use Free Swatches to Your Advantage

Choosing window treatments can sometimes feel like a mind game. Should you go sleek and simple, or should you choose pattern and color? What if you layered curtains, too? My advice would be to take a step back, and take note of the things that make your favorite room, well, your favorite. Maybe the room is neutral and cozy, or perhaps it’s vibrant and lively. Whatever it is that makes it feel like you, the same selection and forethought should be put into your window treatments as well. A pretty Roman shade or warm wood blinds (or solar, bamboo or drapery!) are always a great finishing touch. Before you begin to feel overwhelmed with all of the options, I’d like to share with you how to utilize free swatches to your advantage and create a room you love.

Gather inspiration. What are you looking for? Filtered light? Blackout? Pattern and contrast, or neutral and earthy? Start with your most basic need, and follow that up by perusing the Bali Blinds inspiration gallery to narrow your choices. On the web landing page of every product, you’ll find additional information on why that specific choice may be a good one for you. For example, did you know that in addition to being the room’s silent backdrop, cellular shades help insulate your home, saving you money on your utility bill? Or that natural shades, aside from adding texture and warmth, are made from all-natural renewable resources?

Next, and most importantly, take advantage of the free swatch feature! Once you’ve narrowed your ideas down to a specific style or two, it’s time to order swatches. Bali Blinds offers up to 10 free swatches in any combination you’d like. Being able to hold a swatch in our hands has easily helped to sway decisions we’ve made in our own home. White is not always white, and walnut may not be the same to all. Oftentimes, we have been surprised with how much we have loved a swatch that we added to our cart on a whim!

View the swatches in the room. You’ve received your swatches in the mail. Now what? You may be able to eliminate a few immediately. Take the ones that speak to you the most, and bring them into the room where your future window treatment will go. Hold those swatches against your furniture, against the walls, and yes, even up to the window itself. How do your swatches look with light behind it? This is the point that is so telling. By now, we can usually narrow our choices down to a top two.

It’s time to choose your treatment. I get it, this is the hard part, but everything leading up to this point has kept you on the right track. On the back of most fabrics, you’ll find a guide with symbols that show you the various ways this fabric can be used. With your final fabric and product in mind, grab a steel tape measure and measure those windows. The tough, yet exciting, decisions are officially behind you!

Finally, place your order! From here on out, you can rest assured that you’re getting high quality treatments in a style that suits you. Each Bali window treatment’s web page will talk you through all the options you need to consider, but if you’re ever stuck, a Bali representative is only a phone call away.

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