Interesting Artwork for Your Home

Artwork adds so much to a room—it gives it so much personality. The artwork in one home is typically so different from what you find in another home. It reflects the owner’s taste and gives a home character. I think homes would be so boring without any art. The amazing thing is that there are so many options from which to choose. This first photo is from our farm. Note the very large botanical prints on the wall. They add color and softness to the room. Botanical prints are classics.


You can also take a fragment from a piece of furniture and use it—hang it on the wall, and you have instant artwork! I have no idea what this piece was from. I added some liming wax, then it was ready for the wall. I’ve used fragments a lot in decor; they are very unique and interesting.


As I mentioned before, the artwork does not need to be a painting at all. Think outside the box. The plaque above my bed, which looks like it was carved, is also not a painting. Because it isn’t full of color, this type of artwork usually works in any room.


What about using a chalkboard? This one is really oversized. It was originally a screen door that I converted to a chalkboard. The size works very well in here.


Artwork is not just for the living room either. I love using art in the bathroom as well. This is a copy of a Monet. I’ve placed it right about our claw foot tub. There isn’t a shower in here, so I think it’s pretty safe from water.


Although you don’t have to use a painting for your artwork, I am partial to original oil paintings. This one is an original of two girls. It’s very large, which really gives the room presence.


I love layering pieces, too. The large piece in the back is actually antique Victorian tin ceiling tile. In front of the tile, I have an authentic Louis Philippe mirror from the 1800’s. Then I layered those items with a botanical print, a small landscape (oil painting), and a hand-painted clock face. If you have a shelf, that’s a great option to layer various pieces.


There are so many artwork options, from oil paintings and watercolors, to prints, wood plaques, chalkboards, bread boards—the list goes on and on. Have fun with the hunt. Then, as you get bored, simply move the artwork around for a fresh look.

All photos: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

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