Living and Dining Room Before & After

living room before

It’s that day! First, we talked though the plans and inspiration for this space renovation. Then, I shared the progress, and now, the reveal of the finished rooms! We had an unconventional renovation because we completely swapped our adjacent living and dining spaces.

Dining Room Renovation

Why would we do such a thing? Well, we already had to move out every piece of furniture, art, and lighting to put in new carpet and paint the walls. I never really liked the way the living room furniture was arranged. There’s a giant window, a fireplace, and two big cased openings to other rooms, so there weren’t many options for new ways to configure the space. When we had two empty rooms for carpet and paint updates, the idea to switch them around was born.

dining during dining after

Ta-da! The old living room is now the new dining room!  There are a few updates to point out. We traded the old drapes for new Bali Natural Shades. We built in a beautiful sideboard with shelving and installed a gorgeous brass mobile light fixture. Since this room has obstacles on each wall (windows, fireplace, doorways) it was better suited for a dining room table which is placed in the center of the room.

DSC_4279 DSC_4280

These rooms have beautiful 19th century molding in them; showcasing it with inside mount shades was my priority. The drapes covered up the molding and dominated the space. The inside mount shades blend in with the design instead of overwhelming it. The new design has lots of natural elements to add texture and interest to the neutral palette—natural shades fit in nicely.

Living Room Renovation

Now onto the adjacent living room. Before, it was my dining room. It was just an average dining room. I always felt like it seemed a bit empty, but because the room is narrow we couldn’t put any other furniture alongside the table. Although the room is narrow, it has a lot of empty walls, which are better suited for a couch and TV.


living during

living afterDSC_4283 DSC_4284 DSC_4285

The new configuration is only part of the beauty in this space. The new décor, which is natural and neutral, takes center stage. The new shades really showcase the rest of the room and the gorgeous molding. And since they’re lined with blackout fabric, they keep these rooms really cool during the hot summer. (When you live in a 19th century home like ours, you typically don’t have air conditioning.)

The room swaps, décor, and new shades all help to make these rooms much more functional for our lifestyle. I am so happy with how they turned out and hope you love seeing the transformation as much as I enjoyed sharing it.

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