Our Living Room Renovation: Measuring & Installing Cordless Natural Shades

Welcome to the second post of a three-parter! We are renovating our living room and shared the inspiration over here in June. This month, we are moving on to the details of the natural shades we chose to complete the look, and how to get the minimal, fitted style that makes the design what it is.


We have very tall windows in our living room/dining room with decorative molding.  I want to showcase the molding in the room design, but still need some privacy and light control. A great option is an inside-mount shade with blackout lining. The inside-mount style shows off the molding while blackout lining makes the room nice and dark for movie night, and keeps the room cool by blocking the sun during the peak hours of the day.

Measuring for inside-mount shades is really easy.  I provided the exact inside dimensions of my window and Bali figured out the proper clearance and shade size. I started by measuring the height of the window inside the casing from the top to the window ledge. You’ll want to do this in a few places, and record the smallest measurement.


Next, I measured inside of the casing across the window to calculate the width. Then, it’s really important to measure the casing depth to ensure that an inside mount is workable. The required window depth varies by style, so we referred to the Bali measuring guide for natural shades here. The measuring guides also have handy worksheet portions to fill out for each window.


My window depth is uneven because our 150-year-old windows have been converted from a rope-and-pulley system to a slide system. For that reason, I used a shim to mount my mounting hardware to the top surface of my window casing.


The blinds click into the brackets easily.



The original ‘before’ photo showcases the progress in this room, but we are still far from finished. I’m so happy to have the foundation elements, including these gorgeous natural shades, the big furniture, and the carpets, in place so I can start integrating the colors and textures of the design inspiration. The shades highlight the beautiful window molding and the blackout liner keeps the heat out very well. Living in an old home without air conditioning certainly has its downfalls, but these shades have made a huge difference in our comfort during the day.

How do you like the progress?  There have been a lot of big changes even though we’re still so far from being done!


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