Planning & Measuring for New Window Treatments

Previously I shared that we are getting our house ready for vacation rentals here. As you can see below, we finally moved some furniture into the house, but the windows look a bit bare.


It’s hard to tell, but the room currently has mini blinds in it. When the blinds are pulled up to the top, they aren’t very noticeable, but the cords pool all over the floor. So my new window treatments need to be cordless—I don’t want anyone to trip on the cords. The good news is that Bali has many cordless options.

I love the open feel of the room, and I want to keep that, so I plan to use natural shades in here. When I was at the house a few weeks ago, I took measurements of every window.

Measuring for new window treatments is super easy. The process is slightly different depending on what you are planning to install. You can find the master list of measuring instructions here. Since I’m planning to order natural shades for the room, I clicked on the measurement instructions for natural shades.

One important decision for shades is whether you will go with an inside or outside mount. I prefer an inside mount, but an outside mount usually works best for a window with no trim molding. You can see an example of an inside mount in my breakfast room below. It would be a shame to cover up all that woodwork with an outside mount in this case.


Once you decide on an inside or outside mount, that determines how you measure for your shades. For an inside mount, you need to be more precise since it needs to fit inside your window. Too big and it won’t fit! For an outside mount, if you measure too wide by a half inch, no one will notice.

If you’re installing curtains, consider hanging the curtains several inches above the window to make it look larger. The curtains shown below are hung 12″ above the wood trim on my windows. The bracket holding the curtain is about 7″ to the right (and left) of the window molding.



The official Bali recommendations are slightly different, and to see those, click here.

I like my curtains to touch the floor, but not extend long enough to actually pool. I try to go for a ‘trouser break’ which means the curtains are ¼” longer than needed to touch the floor.


There are so many options, and often the hardest part is just deciding what you want. If you need help, there’s always someone at Bali Blinds who can help you measure just right.

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