Tailored Roman Shades: Completing the Bedroom Windows!


I feel like inviting everyone I know over to our home for a dinner party—in our bedroom. That’s not too strange, right? Our bedroom has come so far! Earlier this year, we shared where this room began. It was a former kitchen-turned-master, and one of the biggest changes came in the form of those three new windows. They were a game changer from the get-go, and slowly, we’ve been sharing the process with you as it unfolds over here.

Officially, we can now check these windows off the to-do list! After completing the DIY window trim (catch the full tutorial right here!), we knocked out fresh baseboards throughout the room, and gave the space a dramatic, new two-tone color: Benjamin Moore’s Raccoon Fur on the bottom, and pure white on the top and ceiling. While we laid the groundwork for the room, we measured our windows and placed an order for Bali’s Tailored Roman Shades in the Classic Flat Roman style, adding a solar power kit to make them motorized!

By the time we finished installing trim, painting, and choosing bed linens, our window treatments arrived, and we excitedly got to work. Scott’s the pro installer, and because the installation takes no more than one person with a measuring tape and drill, I stayed close by to unpack the shades and help with instructions.


Because we opted for motorized window treatments, Scott installed the solar power kit first (closest to the window), and he followed that up by placing the shade brackets outside of that (closest to him). Below, the part with the red sticker is the solar panel and the white tube is the power source.


Once the shades were slipped into the brackets, we followed the instructions sent with our order to properly connect everything. My biggest concern when placing the initial order was any additional bulk  the motorized treatment might add, but I’m happy to say that there is no added bulk to these shades at all! The look is seamless, just as they are in our dining room.




Motorized Tailored Roman - 2

Immediately, we loved them, but as we began reading through the instructions to get our remote working with the shades, we soon realized we’d need a little extra help. Although the shades would raise and lower, they stopped at different heights and acted independently of one another. I made a call to Bali’s customer support, and was helped by a real person (yes!) through the step-by-step process (yes, yes!) to not only get all the shades working correctly, but also to program each shade separately or as a group! It was so refreshing to receive amazing one-on-one support, and by the time I hung up, I was a remote-control wizard. Up? Down? Middle? You name it, I got it.

Motorized Tailored Roman -1

Motorized Tailored Roman -3

We love the subtle texture the Bali Tailored Roman Shades bring into the room, and although structured, they feel casual, too. The standard liner we chose blocks the morning sun just right; we enjoy a room-darkening shade as much as the next person, but in this room, our goal was a light-filtering shade. This fit the bill beautifully.

Motorized Tailored Roman - 4


What’s your favorite window covering for the bedroom?

Get Ready, Get Set, Create – with Bali! There are so many options to explore. . .So many colors, fabrics, styles, and features. . . so much potential for bringing a little zing into a room, or injecting your style into a whole house. So . . .where do you start? Start here. With Bali. 

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