Natural Shades are the Natural Choice

I love Bali Natural Shades. I talk about them all the time on my blog, because they are my favorites.

From a design standpoint the natural shades are gorgeous and provide a lot of texture for a room. Texture is a very important element of design, especially for a neutral room. If you have a neutral room, try adding lots of texture to provide variation and interest.

Another reason to choose natural shades is because they are made from sustainable materials. It’s definitely a “green” choice.


One of my favorite is Antigua in Bahia.

I love the colors. If you want something darker, why not try Antigua in Cinnamon?

The Antigua in Tiki is a lighter version of the Antigua shade.


The Arima in Ebony is a shade that has a more tropical feel.

Looking for something in the cream family? Check out Faroe in Oyster.

It has lots of texture but will blend much better with a white or off-white wall.


The shades that I have in my home are the Cabo in Placid. These are gorgeous and work beautifully with the color gray. If you have gray walls, do yourself a favor and get a sample of this shade.

I LOVE them!!

Let’s talk about the lift options too. The traditional option is a standard cord lift. You can also go with a continuous cord loop lift. This is a nice option because the cord stays the same length even if the shade is raised. The continuous chain loop lift option is very similar to the continuous cord loop option, only it’s a chain rather than a cord.

My very favorite lift option is the cordless lift. I have some shades at our farm from another brand. They are also cordless. The mechanism on the back has broken on almost every shade. Not so with the Bali Natural Shades. The Bali Natural Shades have a lot of use and after 4 years of daily lifting and lowering, we have had no problems. I am sold. It’s a quality product. Did I mention I used to be a certified quality engineer? It’s very important to me that a product is reliable. This lift mechanism is just that.

One more option is motorized lift. I haven’t tried this option yet, but it looks like something I need to try.

You can also go with the bottom up/top down.

This is a great option for a bathroom or bedroom where you want privacy, but you also want a lot of light in the room. You can lower the shade from the top, but leave the bottom covered. When privacy is not an issue, it can be raised like a normal shade.

There are many more options for your shades, and you can have the samples sent directly to you. CLICK HERE.


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