Nursery makeover with cellular shades, plus a fun DIY wood slice garland!

A nursery can be one of the most exciting rooms to decorate!  I had the pleasure of helping a couple plan and design a nursery in anticipation of their son Austin’s arrival. The best part about this room makeover is that I didn’t have to do any of the actual work. As a DIY TV host, I’m used to getting my hands dirty right along with the homeowners. Instead, we met and planned the room together, I gave them a list of projects and directions, and they completed each one.  They did an amazing job too!

Check out the before . . .

nursery prior to makeover

. . and now, the woodland-inspired after!

 nursery makeover with new cellular shades and diy wood garland

So cute right? And I’m extra proud because this new mom and dad were complete DIY rookies. They had never, ever tackled projects like these before!

Makeover Elements

One of the biggest changes in the room was the addition of the built-in bench in the window nook.  Instead of being an awkward space, it’s now completely functional and this couple’s favorite place to hang out with their young twin boys and new baby.


nursery makeover with cut logs

And I knew right away that their old curtains had to go. They would be way too long with the bench seat, and they really weren’t doing anything for the room.

I recommended Bali  ¾” single cell blackout Cellular Shades in the color Legacy Seagull. I love that they coordinate in the room so well, and don’t take anything away from the view outside. They still allow lots of beautiful light to come in the window.  But, if you’re a mom, you know how important naptimes are, so the shades are fully room darkening when little baby Austin is snoozing! The homeowners actually like them so much, they asked me to recommend new shades for all the other bedrooms in the house.

bali cellular shades

{Bali Blinds}

This cute nursery has so many DIY projects to share, including the wood slice garland, which adds some colorful, rustic whimsy to the room. Want to make your own? Here’s what you need:

Wood Slice Garland

Small Sized Logs
(These can be from the woods in your backyard
or you can purchase birch logs at most craft stores.)

Chop Saw


Craft paint

Heavy Duty String or Lightweight Rope

Staple Gun

cellular shades an DIY wood slice garland for a nursery makeover

Step 1. Find or purchase several small sized logs.  Use a chop saw to cut the logs into 1 ½” slices.  If you don’t have a chop saw you can use a hand saw, but it will take a lot longer and you might need to sand them down a bit to get a smooth surface.

gathering wood slices

You’ll now have a pile of wood slices like these!

wood slices to prepare for a nursery makeover

Step 2. You string the wood disks at this point if you want a traditionally rustic look, but since this garland was for a nursery, we added some color and fun! Use craft paint to add organic circle shapes on each slice.  This is a great activity for kids to help with!  Big brothers Jordan and Landon helped paint the circles for their baby brother.

nursery makeover for a son

Any craft paint will do, but I personally love Martha Stewart products since they have such a great color selection to choose from. When the paint dries, you can seal the wood with a water-based polyurethane if you’d like to.

nursery makeover paint tubes

Step 3. Determine the length of your garland and cut the string or rope accordingly.  Remember to leave some extra on each end for hanging purposes.  Once your wood slices have dried, attach them to the rope using a staple gun.

wood garland for a nursery makeover

Pro Tip. Use two staples per wood slice to prevent them from sliding around.  Position your two staples across each other making an X.  This will hold the wood disks securely.

Working on Austin’s nursery was so much fun and I’m glad I was able to help the family create a perfect little reading nook that they can enjoy. This fun garland was perfect for the nursery window seat, but it would also work around the holidays painted with themed colors.

DIY nursery makeover ideas

Check out Monica’s blog East Coast Creative for the other nursery DIY projects and tutorials!

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